6 Surprising Ways Summer Can Be Good For Your Health

6 Surprising Ways Summer Can Be Good For Your Health

With longer days, warm nights, beach trips and poolside lounging, summer is a time of the year most of us look forward to. But did you know that the joys of summer go beyond just having fun? Summer has actually been proven to be associated with several health benefits! So let’s make the most of summer 2020 while staying safe, happy, and healthy. Here are 6 ways summer could be positively affecting your health without you knowing it:

You’re Probably Spending More Time Outdoors

This summer, a lot of people are finding safer ways to spend time outdoors together. Going for a run on the beach or hiking a mountain are some safe and fun outdoor activities you should check out. Studies have actually found that spending just 30 minutes outdoors a week is associated with lowering blood pressure and depression. Getting fresh air is a big part of that! One of the biggest health benefits of spending time outdoors is absorbing all the free Vitamin D from the sun. Vitamin D helps to strengthen your immune system, lowers your risk for diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, and builds better bone strength by facilitating better calcium absorption. One of its more visible effects is boosting your mood, which is why you feel happier when the skies are sunny as opposed to cloudier days. No wonder why it’s nicknamed the “sunshine vitamin”!

There's More Fruit Available

Fruit production is typically more abundant during the summer, giving us more delicious, juicy options for healthy snacks and desserts. Higher humidity levels can drive us to crave and consume more fruit, leading to all kinds of health benefits from their vast array of nutrients. For example, citrus fruits like oranges and tangerines are extremely high in vitamin C while bananas are known for being full of potassium. If you’re looking to cut some calories while feeding a sweet tooth, most fruits have under 100 calories per serving!

You're Sweating More

You'll definitely sweat more in hotter weather, especially if you’re embarking on the fun outdoor activities mentioned above. No matter how icky sweating can look, it’s actually healthy for you. Sweating cools your body down and purges bacteria, dirt, and other impurities. It helps improve your blood circulation and lowers inflammation. There are beauty benefits to sweating, too! Along with the obvious glistening from the sweat, better blood circulation will make you look more glowy from within. Sweat can help keep your skin hydrated against the drying effects of the elements when you’re outdoors. A good sweat session also has emotional benefits. Any workouts that have you sweating will also release endorphins that boost your mood.

Summer Vacations Have Lasting Positive Effects

The vacations we usually take during summer actually have lasting positive mental health benefits long after we return. Taking some time off work and errands can be a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively. Research has found that taking vacations are associated with lower blood pressure and better overall well-being during the actual trip and the days after. Taking a vacation has been known to boost creativity, likely due to the exposure to novel sights, sounds, and tastes inspiring you. This summer, you can also take a staycation at home. Get outside and explore your town, pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home, and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation time. You don’t have to travel to enjoy the refreshing feeling a vacation brings!

Your Heart’s Healthier

Did you know that the risk for heart disease is generally lowest during the summer? Evidence has found that blood pressure and cholesterol are lower in the summertime as well. Although the exact cause hasn’t been found, it’s likely linked to better health due to the points we’ve discussed above. These health benefits are likely to be the results of all those workouts aiming for that summer body!

You’re Getting Better Sleep

With all the fun activities that we can enjoy in the summertime, you'll surely be exhausted and find it easy to fall asleep faster in comparison to other seasons of the year. There’s plenty of evidence showing that aerobic exercise is positively correlated with the amount of rejuvenating deep sleep you get. That’s because exercise helps you relax and destress. Better sleep is positively associated with better mood, so a little regular exercise goes a long way. If you're looking to improve your sleep this summer, check out Lull's Summer Sleep Sale for exclusive discounts on your new favorite mattress. Lull Mattresses are designed with summer in mind: the gel-infused top layer allows for proper airflow, which pulls heat away from your body to regulate your temperature while you sleep. We're making things easy so you can get the most from your hard work and live your best life: Save $150 on any premium mattress! Summer 2020 has lots of potential for happiness and positive growth. It’s clear that dialing up the exercise, eating healthy, and getting the quality sleep you deserve leads to a whole host of positive mental and physical benefits. You never know what improved physical and mental health could spark, so go out for a hike, get some fresh air and sunlight, and replenish yourself afterwards with some fresh fruit and a great night's rest!
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