6 Ways to Sleep Right after “Springing Forward”

6 Ways to Sleep Right after “Springing Forward”

It’s finally spring! Now we can finally enjoy longer days out in the sun, warmer temperatures, and maybe even a spring fling. However, many of us are starting off the spring with groggy days after that time jump forward on March 11. That’s because we “lost” an hour of sleep, which many of us can’t compensate for due to our life demands. And for those of us who do end up sleeping in, our entire circadian rhythms might be shifted to the point of sleeping too late the following night.

An hour may not be much of a dent to some, but it can bore a hole in others, especially if a mere hour makes the difference between well-rested and falling asleep by noon. If you’re in the latter, it’s a good idea to be more proactive in aligning your circadian rhythm. If you found the time change disruptive, here’s a few tips on staying well-rested well after that initial jump: 

1. Go to sleep earlier.

This is the most obvious tip. If you need an extra hour of sleep, then add it to the beginning rather than waking up later. However, this is much more easily said than done, so we’ll go on with tips on how to actually get this done.

2. Find a hobby, fragrance, outfit, activity, etc that makes it easier for you to fall asleep.

Do you find yourself dozing off after several minutes of reading a fantasy novel, no matter how on fire the plot is? Bring on the fantasy novels then. Possible triggers could fall under using apps made for sleep, playing a certain game, or playing soothing music specifically curated for meditation and relaxation. Consider spraying your sheets and pillows with sleep-inducing fragrances.

3. Watch what you eat.

There are some foods out there that are actually conducive to fall asleep and some that are quite the opposite, most notably caffeine. Alcohol sounds like a great way to pass out, but don’t reach for the wine either! Passing-out worthy levels of alcohol may seem like a quick fix to easily doze off, but alcohol can later harm your overall quality of sleep

4. Dedicate active effort into setting up a sleep routine.

Are you having trouble falling asleep at your new time? Review what you found in #2 and set your schedule to include it every night. Whether it’s reading poetry or practicing a new language, remind yourself that you’re going to do it every day for the sake of falling asleep on your schedule and for learning that new skill. So in the future, you’ll have the knowledge of a new book in your mind and a sleep schedule that’s on point? Fantastic.

5. Whenever you feel like napping, keep it short.

Losing an hour of sleep might make you want to feel like napping. However, nap lengths and time matter -- napping too long and/or too close to bedtime can harm your chances of going to sleep on time that night.

6. Look into more comfy pillows, sheets, or even a new mattress.

This is a pricier option on our list, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. If you’re reading this in the spring of 2022, Lull is having $300 off our premium memory foam mattresses! So check out some ultra-comfy ways to further lull yourself to sleep after a day of eating right and following your improved, sleep-inducing routine. 

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