6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Room for Spring

6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Room for Spring

Spring is officially here! The sun is shining longer and blooming flowers line our socially distanced walks. As the sunlight lightens up our days, it’s not unusual for a lot of us to lighten up our hair colors and homes to match. A few simple swaps can help you feel refreshed and more in tune with the mood of spring. With these 6 changes, your home can feel more like a spring break resort with its warm, sunny ambiance.

1. Brighten up the walls.

Think of your favorite springtime getaways. What color schemes do those places have? See if you can find wallpapers or posters to match.

2. Add some plants.

A few natural or artificial plants can help add a vibe of a lush garden or greenhouse. It’s also been proven that being in nature has some mental health benefits, such as lowering stress. You can think of your favorite spring break locations and see how much you can replicate its flora and fauna.

3. Get new rugs and/or pillows.

Finding a rug and/or pillow with a design that matches with your spring vibe can be a quick and easy way to liven up your room. Some common options are going with an ocean theme or the traditional design of a state or country you’d like to visit. Pillow quality matters too, so consider a memory foam pillow.

4. Hang some decorative mirrors.

Even if you’ve already got a wall or vanity mirror, decorative mirrors can add a touch of glimmer to your room and bounce around light, enhancing the golden glow of the sun. Hang the mirrors where it won’t concentrate any light into the wrong places or cause any glare.

5. Spring-scented candles and/or fragrance plugins.

Some fragrances evoke the vibrance and energy of spring more than others, such as coconut over cranberries. Think of what scents best get you feeling the spring sunshine and seek out plugins, room sprays, reed diffusers, and even pillow sprays in those scents. Here’s a list of popular spring-y scents.

6. Get a new mattress.

While a mattress won’t visually transport you to spring break, you can at least feel like you’re sleeping at a 5-star resort at a fraction of the price. Luckily, Lull is having a Spring Refresh Sale right now! Save $250 on any size premium mattress, so now’s the chance to grab a piece of that spring break-worthy vacay for yourself. With a cooling gel top layer that wicks heat away from your body, you’ll be prepared for the rising temperatures. Our happy 41300+ reviews prove that we’re pretty high up there, so check us out and see how luxurious it feels! Who knows, maybe ditching that old spring mattress will help you spring forward.
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