6 Ways to Stay Cozy This Fall

6 Ways to Stay Cozy This Fall

It’s official, summer is finally over. This unfortunately means the end of hot days, tan lines, and barbeques galore. But not to fret, as sunny days turn into falling leaves, the fall season is now quickly approaching bringing pumpkin spiced goods, spooky movies, and more excuses to stay in, stay warm, and sleep! Out with the beach trips, and in with bundling up with a pumpkin spice latte. The fall season wouldn’t be complete without being totally and completely cozy while the weather outside is getting cooler. So whether you’re dreading the change of weather or feeling yourself fill up with excitement for the pumpkin-filled season, here’s 6 ways to stay extra cozy this coming fall!

Light Candles

Grab every pumpkin spice and fall scented candle you can find, and deck out your home head to toe! Help really set the fall time mood with dim lighting and the ever so subtle warmth of candle light. The sweet scent of candles drifting through the air will give off the aroma of fall and will be sure to cozy up your space, enough to put you right to sleep.

Watch a Movie on a Premium Mattress

To ensure ultimate cozy comfort, get yourself a premium mattress for all of your favorite fall past times: reading your favorite books, streaming horror movie marathons, and of course sleeping! Once you have the most comfortable premium mattress, grab your favorite movie or a spooky Halloween classic! There’s nothing like a quality movie night in the most comfortable seat (or better yet, bed) in the house.

Upgrade Your Pillows and Sheets

Now that you have your mattress and movie set up, don’t stop there: upgrade your pillows and sheets to add that extra layer of comfort. Your mattress is just the beginning, surround yourself with silky soft goodness. Those stiff sheets and floppy pillows just won’t cut it for the cooling down of the fall season, and what’s a cozy mattress without the best sheets and pillows?

Get a Thicker Duvet for the Cold Weather

To truly reach uncharted cozy levels, get yourself a quality duvet that’s perfect for bundling up. Colder weather means the need for thicker bedding, so don’t settle for a thin duvet that could only protect you from summer nights. With your bed now entirely upgraded, let the snuggling begin!

Enjoy Some Hot Drinks

A perfect night in wouldn’t be complete without some fall-inspired hot drinks! Get comfy and snug with a pumpkin spiced latte, warm apple cider, some hot chocolate or even some hot tea. Help warm up your body from the inside and put yourself in a sleepy mood with tasty, hot and caffeine-free drinks!

Spend Time at Home with Your Family

Fall is the perfect time of year to be with your loved ones and enjoy being at home together. Get some matching onesies, fuzzy blankets and socks and make it one big cozy event! Being with loved ones this time of year will bring an extra bit of warmth that no blanket could ever match. There’s nothing better than being with those closest to you this time of year. With everything set in place, all you need to do now is grab your special someone, your bestie, your family or even just your favorite stuffed animal and enjoy all that fall has to offer. Follow our guide, and you’re bound to love fall just as much as we do!
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