7 Surprisingly Good Reasons to Break Your “No Dogs in Bed” Rule

7 Surprisingly Good Reasons to Break Your “No Dogs in Bed” Rule

National Puppy Day falls on March 23rd this year, and we thought we would help you celebrate this super sweet and adorable holiday by giving you some solid excuses to turn your pooch into your sleeping partner – or to go out and adopt one from your local shelter if you’re sleeping alone. All of us have most likely heard that sleeping with your dog is a no-no. People say that it’s a dirty habit and just plain old bad for your health. And they’ve been saying it for years. But what if that wasn’t the case? What if sleeping with a four-legged friend was actually better for you than sleeping solo? Chances are, that would make you rethink the whole canine cuddle time, and you’d quickly rewrite the rules of bedtime. And who could blame you? Recent research has shown that sleeping with your fluffy buddy has health benefits for you and Fido. Bonus! We’ve gathered up the top 7 reasons to share your bed with your dog, so get ready to cash in on better sleep and health with a little help from your all-time favorite snuggling partner.

1. You’ll need fewer blankets

Pets have a tendency to want to curl up as close to their humans as they possibly can, and this pays off in a big way on those chilly nights! Ditch the expensive down comforters and give puppy power a try when cold nights are getting the best of you.

2. Your bed will feel cozier than ever before

Not only will you be warmer with your pooch snuggled up to you in bed, you’ll also benefit from the relaxing comfort that they give you with their rhythmic breathing and snuggly coats. There’s just something satisfyingly cozy about having your furry buddy to cuddle at bedtime, isn’t there?

3. Your furry friend fights off insomnia

If you’ve ever found yourself having trouble getting to sleep, you might want to try reaching for your pup, instead of heading for the medicine cabinet. Studies have found that the mere presence of pets helps to soothe and calm you. Buh-bye, restless nights!

4. Your sleep will be safe and sound

Is there any more comforting feeling knowing that you have a literal watchdog in bed with you, protecting you when you’re at your most vulnerable? Dogs have super hearing (more than twice the ability to hear sounds than humans have) and their natural tendency to alert their owners of danger both add up to a safer night’s sleep.

5. Dogs help to relieve anxiety reduce stress

We’ve known that animals are great stress relievers for quite awhile now, which is why therapy dogs have become so prevalent in hospitals and nursing homes. Dogs just have a naturally positive outlook on life, and they offer both an attentive nature and unconditional love that has been shown to provide us with relief from stress and anxiety. Just being around your furry buddy is a very reassuring feeling!

6. And they’re four-legged anti-depressants

If you find yourself battling with depression, the unconditional love and affectionate attention that your pup provides can offer you a better (and way more natural) boost than any anti-depressant on the market. That means a worry-free night of sleep without a trip to the doctor’s office – and people wonder why we’re “dog people”?

7. Canine co-sleeping is a win-win

Dogs receive just as much, if not more, comfort from snuggle time with their humans than we do. And who doesn't want to reward them for being such awesome companions, right? Your pooch will get just as many health benefits from sleeping you as you get from sleeping with them, so why not move over for Rover tonight?
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