7 Top-Rated Smartphone Apps for Better Sleep

7 Top-Rated Smartphone Apps for Better Sleep

The National Sleep Foundation has long been telling us that getting better sleep is the best way to improve our health and our happiness. Yet as many as 9 million adults in America find themselves struggling to get the sleep they need. Luckily, there are some tools out there that can help us to get a good night’s rest. Check out these 7 top-rated apps for your smartphone that will help you catch some Zs…

1. Sleep Genius

What it does: Labeled the world’s #1 sleeping app for smartphones, Sleep Genius was developed by neuroscientists and sleep experts to harness better sleep through soundscapes and music using research that helps NASA get astronauts to sleep. How it works: Customized sleep soundscapes lull you to sleep and the alarm awakens you with soothing sounds during the time that has been analyzed to be right for you in gentle 5-minute cycles. What users are saying: "Sleep Genius has changed my life. I started using it when it first came out and I still rely on it if I have a hard time getting to sleep,(when I travel especially), because it let me sleep soundly again after 15 years of insomnia. Thank you to everyone at Sleep Genius, you have been lifesavers!" – Mike Get the app: iOS or Android

2. Pzizz

What it does: Relaxes users with music and sound effects for more restful sleep. How it works: Pzizz combines neuroscience, soothing music, and enchanting sound effects to help you quiet your mind and relax into a deeper sleep. What users are saying: "Pzizz has changed my life. I actually believe it's saved my life. I suffer from chronic insomnia from PTSD... THANK YOU for creating and sharing this indispensable app with the world! Sweet dreams!" – Julie Get the app: iOS or Android

3. MotionX 24/7

What it does: All-in-one sleep tracker, smart alarm, and activity monitor. Rated the #1 top paid medical app, MotionX 24/7 helps users track sleep and weight loss, as well as monitor heart rate and sleep apnea data. It’s also a smart alarm and activity monitor. How it works: For iPhone users, MotionX-24/7 measures and correlates resting heart rate, monitors sleep cycles and power naps, and sends out “Get Active” alerts. Users can also set goals and monitor their progress when it comes to getting enough sleep or exercise. What users are saying: “Truly refreshing.” – MacWorld Get the app: iOS

4. Sleep Cycle

What it does: Wakes you up faster and easier than traditional alarm clocks thanks to sleep pattern analysis. How it works: Sleep Cycle alarm clock tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you up during light sleep. Waking up during light sleep feels like waking up naturally rested without an alarm clock. Your movements vary with each sleep phase. Sleep Cycle uses sound analysis to identify sleep states What users are saying: "The result is so gentle and lovely it feels like being woken up by a mermaid stoking your hair or a unicorn nuzzling your toes." – The Guardian Get the app: iOS or Android

5. Sleep As

What it does: Sleep cycle tracking smart alarm clock that wakes users gently at the optimal time for better sleep and brighter mornings. How it works: Sleep As uses Android sensors to track movement during sleep to help users wake when it is the best time for them. CAPTCHA verification required to shut off alarm guarantees that users will never oversleep again, and fitness program integration offers deep sleep and snoring statistics. What users are saying: "Best sleep app for Android! I've been using this for years and it just keeps getting better. I've tried others here and there. Always come back to this one." – Justin M. Get the app: Android

6. Sleep Sounds

What it does: Get to sleep faster with specially selected sounds and music for insomnia. How it works: A large catalog of soundscapes and soothing music relaxes users and helps them to slip into a deeper and more restful sleep. What users are saying: "Simply put... single favorite app I have. Hands down." – Johnathan Get the app: iOS

7. Sleep Bot

What it does: One-tap sleep tracking. How it works: Sleep Bot allows you to keep track of your sleep on your smartphone, create custom alarms, and put settings in place that help you get the most out of your time in bed. What users are saying: “Amazing! I didn't know I was woken up so often! This app really delivers and does what it says!” – Arden Get the app: iOS
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