7 Ways how you can help decorate your child’s room

7 Ways how you can help decorate your child’s room

This one’s for the parents out there: how are you designing your child’s room? The design of a child’s room can influence how enthusiastically they wake up and how easy it is for them to fall asleep. Paying attention to the design of your child’s room can help them stay organized (both mentally and physically), tidy, and maybe enhance their creativity. 

Here are some ways you can make your child’s room more meaningful than just a bare-bones place to sleep:

1. Make collecting easy

Does your child like to collect something, whether it’s stamps, postcards, toy cars, or dolls? See if they’d like something that can help them showcase this collection, such as a bulletin board, glass cabinet, or nightstand. An aesthetic display can help inspire them to keep the collection going and show off their interests to their friends. 

2. Add a chalkboard or whiteboard

The more creative the kid, the more ideas they’re going to have. Give them super easy access to writing or drawing these ideas with a whiteboard or chalkboard, whichever they prefer. Buy their favorite colors and encourage them to get the most use they can out of their new platform. 

3. Ask them their favorite colors and characters

No matter how cute you’d think their room would look with blue sheets, wallpaper, and furniture, it might not be their favorite color. Ask them for their input and see if you can match that color. Don’t just ask them for a color name: have them pick it out themselves from a catalog so you can narrow down the right shade.

If your child shows interest in any particular fictional character, see if you can find decor featuring this character, such as wallpaper, plushies, or posters.

4. Try removable decals

If your child’s opinions on their favorite characters and/or colors are ever-changing, investing in wallpaper or a life-size plush might not be worth it. You’ll need more affordable options that are easier to take down and put up depending on your child’s mood. Get a variety of removable decals to stick on their furniture and windows.

5. Include different types of lighting

If your child’s creative, they probably would love the idea of different lighting for each mood, such as more ominous lighting for when they’re telling scary stories and bright lighting for tea parties. Galaxy projector lights can also help them calm down and lull them to sleep. Of course, don’t forget to ask them!

6. Include them if you’re decorating or painting anything

We’ve mentioned this before, but we’ll state it again. Get their input, especially if it’s regarding something more permanent or harder to change! You don’t want to devote several hours painting their drawers green only for them to want it red.

7. Frame photos of them and their friends

Seeing photos of them with friends that make them happy can help light up the mood in the room. Ask them for their favorite photos, then get them printed in high quality. Pick out some modern, aesthetic frames that match the rest of their room.

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