7 Ways to Safely Celebrate Thanksgiving in 2020

7 Ways to Safely Celebrate Thanksgiving in 2020

While Thanksgiving 2020 will generally look less crowded than 2019, that doesn’t mean it has to be less fun. Sharing some mashed potatoes (or whatever your family loves to eat for Thanksgiving) with your favorite extended family members may have to wait for safer times. Instead of a buzzing, packed house, you might just be celebrating with your household or solo. Here are 7 ways to safely make Thanksgiving 2020 a holiday worth remembering:

1. Host a virtual Thanksgiving meal.

A virtual Thanksgiving video chat session is the safest way to bring about a large gathering, no need to pass the cranberry sauce down a long table where many hands will touch it. Catch up with your friends and family without worrying someone’s going to eat too much of your turkey and homemade pies you spent hours preparing.

2. Plan a hike and enjoy the fall weather.

Thanksgiving doesn’t only have to be celebrated with a turkey-laden dinner. If you’d like to meet up with a group of your friends or family, pick a lower-risk activity such as a walk or hike outdoors where you can enjoy the hue of the auburn leaves. Outdoor games such as badminton or tennis can be played while maintaining social distancing. Take advantage of the cooler weather and get active!

3. Play virtual games.

Board games might have to wait for next year. The Internet offers a plethora of games meant to be screen shared on video chat, such as trivia platforms. You can also use PowerPoint or other presentation software to create your own games, such as a list of categories everyone needs to name something from. Get creative and utilize the technology you have available!

4. Have a small gathering outdoors.

Instead of your backyard or patio, take the festivities out to a scenic park. Since you probably don’t want this in the dark, make it a Thanksgiving brunch instead. Pack your food in some to-go containers and bring some fold-up chairs and picnic blankets.

5. Watch the National Dog Show.

For family-friendly entertainment you can all enjoy together without going out, tune into the National Dog Show on NBC to see about 600 dogs compete with each other. The adorable show will air at 12PM-2PM in all time zones. This year’s show won’t have a live audience, just the cast, crew, and of course, the canines!

6. Cook meals and deliver them to others.

Have your family and friends expressed that they’ll seriously miss your scrumptious cranberry sauce this year if you’re not having them over? If they live nearby, you can always cook some up and drop it off at their door. That way you can share dishes with others without them sitting a few feet away from you for an extended period of time. If they’re too far away to deliver, share your recipe and challenge them to make it. If they take you up on the challenge, ask them to share their results!

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