7 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021

7 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021

With red hearts and teddy bears lining the shelves of every other drugstore, we’re soon approaching the day of love. It’s a day usually celebrated in ways that involve being surrounded by the people you love with plenty of physical contact -- something we’ve been discouraged from in the past several months as of 2021. While you’re probably not hitting up a romantic poetry slam at the local bar, you’ve still got plenty of options to celebrate your relationship for an unforgettable day -- whether you’re spending it with your Valentine or are celebrating with friends.

1. Go for a picnic outdoors.

If you’re looking to get together with members of another household, picnicking is one of your safest fun options. Pick a romantic location with gorgeous scenery, particularly one where an Instagram-worthy sunset is visible. This works wonderfully for a Galentine’s or even a Single’s Awareness Day.

2. Have a spa day.

This one’s aimed at those of you spending the day with your Valentine. Spas may not be open for most of us reading this, so why not bring the spa to us? Gather some luxurious bath bombs, soothing bath salts, relaxing essential oils, plush towels, scented candles, and perhaps rose petals if you’d really like to go all out. Research some pro massage techniques and save the $$$!

3. Make romantic home-cooked meals and desserts.

If restaurant dining isn’t an option, order in or cook the food yourself for a little personal touch. Set up a candlelit dinner with your favorite luxurious, romantic, hearty recipes and as many glasses of wine as you’d like. Finish off your meal with sumptuous sweet treats such as chocolate-covered strawberries or red velvet cupcakes. Forget any diet you’re on -- it’s time to indulge. Here’s a list of 40 cozy recipe ideas tailored to the occasion. Even if you don’t end up with a culinary masterpiece, putting in the work to even try helps to show some love.

4. Exchange meaningful gifts.

Go beyond a box of chocolates and a card this year and aim to impress. Is there anything your Valentine has been talking about wanting? Think about what has special meaning to them and seek out a related gift. For some inspiration, reminisce on your first date or the day you first met. If you can come up with something handmade, that personal touch and effort will certainly be appreciated.

5. Clink some homemade cocktails.

Valentine’s Day calls for sweet, fruity flavors. Since bars are probably closed for you, this is your chance to experiment with some sweet drink recipes yourself. If you’d really like to go all out, you can take a virtual mixology class, which you can do alone to surprise your Valentine with a professional-grade cosmopolitan. Or make it a bonding activity so you can craft and enjoy together.

6. Play some romantic games.

There are quite a few games out there, particularly card games, that were created specifically for couples. These games will help you test how well you know your partner, inspire new conversations, suggest creative date ideas, and more. Get ready to learn about a side of them you may not have seen before!

7. Begin and end it with a good night’s sleep.

Breakfast in bed is noticeably more luxurious when it’s atop an amazingly soft, comfortable mattress. We highly recommend a premium memory foam mattress from Lull -- Lull Mattresses are engineered with advanced sleep technology to distribute motion, so you can sleep undisturbed even with a partner moving around next to you. With a $250 off sale currently going on, a Lull Mattress is the ultimate gift for a Valentine looking for better sleep. If a mattress isn’t necessary at the moment, check out Lull’s hypoallergenic cotton pillows and duvet for some extra comfortable, cozy snuggling. Here’s $125 off Lull’s best-selling bedding bundle! Happy Valentine’s Day!
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