7 Ways to Keep Your Bedroom Looking Romantic after Valentine’s Day

7 Ways to Keep Your Bedroom Looking Romantic after Valentine’s Day

It doesn’t need to be Valentine’s Day for your bedroom to evoke a sense of romanticism. A bedroom that just feels romantic can help set a mood to strengthen your romantic relationship even if you’re just sitting around scrolling through your phones. 

Here are a few ways to give your bedroom a notably romantic ambiance:

1. Set the right lighting.

Aside from candlelight, other types of lights are fantastic for setting a romantic mood and will definitely last longer than candles. Twinkling Christmas lights are quite popular whether they‘re multicolored or golden. Projector lights that project a glorious aurora borealis-like, cosmic pattern have been popping up lately. Just don’t go too heavy on any red lights: while red is typically a romantic color, red lights are a completely different story and will evoke a more stressful, eerie mood.

2. Make it smell romantic.

Certain fragrances are considered romantic in different ways, especially if they’re heavy on the florals and spices. Try to add some scents through air fresheners, pillow mists, wall plug-ins, or scent cones. Everyone will have their own opinions on what smells the most romantic, so take a sample whiff before you buy. 

3. Consider giving the walls a dark color.

You don’t have to paint every wall, but at least add wallpaper to the wall behind your bed. Darker walls, typically burgundy, dark green, or black, can cast an intense, luxurious, glamorous ambiance that many would consider romantic and rather seductive. You’ve probably seen it in some hotels. 

4. Pick a fancy, ornate headboard.

Aside from the bold, seductive wall, a lovely headboard adds quite the decor. A bed’s headboard is one of the first parts of a bed noticed when you first walk into the room. It casts a romantic frame over the bed itself. 

5. Take after your favorite luxe hotel.

Have you stayed in a hotel room that just immediately want to get your arms around someone? See how you can recreate its ambiance for less. Lookup a photo of their room and recreate the lighting, sheets, cleanliness, lighting, and color scheme. You might not want to splurge on the exact details, but you can probably find similar elements.

6. Add florals.

Whatever kind of romantic vibe you’re into, there’s probably a flower to match. Daisies, red roses, and tulips will add their own splashes of color and mood. Although you can’t grow a garden right in your room, you can put up a few bouquets here and there. If you’re not looking to constantly refresh your flowers, look into long-lasting flowers. They might be pricey, but they’ll save you a lot of work.

7. Make sure the mattress and pillows are soft and luxurious.

A plush, inviting mattress and pillows that feel like rolling around on clouds are necessary to enhance the romantic mood. Fortunately, you’re in the right place: Lull is having a $300 sale off our premium memory foam mattresses! You can order them right here online with a hassle-free delivery straight to your door, so we’ll be working on your order when you’re out working on your new or current romance.

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