8 Safe Outdoor Activities to Do This Fall

8 Safe Outdoor Activities to Do This Fall

It’s officially fall, which means the weather’s finally cooling down and it’s back-to-school season. It’s an alluring time to go outside and enjoy the mild sun, but in these unprecedented times, safety has to come first! Fortunately, there are plenty of safe ways to get out and enjoy the fresh air with the company of our friends and family. This could be an opportunity to discover the joys of an activity you haven’t done in a while. Here are some of our favorite outdoor activities, which can be done alone or to spend time with others:

Walk on the Beach

Beaches are typically spacious, completely outdoors, and incredibly calming. The soft crash of the waves and the bright sun can certainly help ease some of the anxiety of these times. Find a beach that isn’t too crowded and enjoy a peaceful stroll.

Rollerblading, Skateboarding, Scootering, or Biking

If you’re up for the challenge, now’s a great time to learn a new mode of outdoor transportation. Strap on a helmet and find something that suits you. If you plan on using a public electric scooter, remember to sanitize them first! Since roller coasters aren’t an option right now, this can be a more sanitary way to experience some thrill.

Outdoor Fitness Classes

If you’re looking to be active under some guidance, look for fitness classes that are held outdoors. Yoga sessions have often been held outdoors even before the pandemic, so there’s bound to be a few at your local park or beach. If you don’t like the idea of huffing and puffing with a mask on, try yoga.

Go for a Hike

Can’t go on the StairMaster because your gym is still closed? Hiking is an excellent way to get fit outdoors anytime during the day while admiring beautiful natural scenery. Masks are still required at hiking trails since some do fill up with quite a few hikers, so bring a spare. You never know when you might end up on a narrow trail and a group of people passes by.

Golfing, Badminton, Tennis, and Similar Sports

Looking to throw a ball around? Pick a sport that doesn’t require a pack of people or a lot of physical contact with others, such as tennis, badminton, or golf. These are usually played outdoors with plenty of space between you and others.

Have a Picnic

If your favorite brunch place doesn’t have outdoor dining, order out and have a picnic instead! Public parks and beaches are generally open and full of space to enjoy some avocado toast under the sun.

Go to a Drive-In Movie

Movie theaters are starting to reopen, but if you don’t feel ready to go yet, try a drive-in for a much more distanced way to experience new releases. You can see a list of drive-in theaters here.

Walk Around a Public Garden

Public gardens are an easy way to get in some Instagrammable photos. Look for a local garden and add some florals to your Instagram feed or just take a walk. As we’ve mentioned in our previous blog post, being around nature has positive effects on our mood. If you don’t have enough time to leave the city to head to a beach or a hiking trail, gardens are usually a physically closer way to experience a bit of nature. ----- Spending a few hours a week on some of the above activities will certainly make a positive difference to your physical and mental health. After all, we can’t stay inside all the time! To make the best of all the above, start by getting a good night’s sleep. Getting enough quality sleep has a multitude of benefits on how you feel, making you more equipped to take on the outdoors. That’s much easier to do when you come home to a premium memory foam Lull Mattress ! Crafted with the highest quality foam, Lull Mattresses are guaranteed to give you your best night’s rest. Need to try before you commit? Enjoy a 100 night risk-free trial to see how much more fun going for a hike or tennis match is after waking up from a great night’s sleep. Take a look at what over 36,000 customers have to say about their Lull Mattress and see how much a new mattress can improve your everyday life!
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