8 Ways to Beat the Heat

8 Ways to Beat the Heat

Temperatures have been soaring lately in California where we’re at, and it hasn’t been easy! While most of us love the sun, too much of it can drain our energy and productivity. It’s tempting to stay inside and overwork your A/C. Even if the days continue to be sweltering, that doesn’t mean we have to be sitting around sweating. There are plenty of steps we can take to cool down and move on with our day without melting into a puddle. Here are 8 tips on how to keep cool this summer:

1. Stay Hydrated

No matter what you’re doing, this heat will definitely have you sweating more! When you sweat, your body is losing water. That means you’ll need to replenish by drinking more water -- NOT caffeinated beverages or alcohol, which can actually dehydrate you. Food that’s high in water will help too, such as juicy fruits.

2. Eat Spicy Foods

Most of the spicy foods you’re familiar with most likely come from the hotter regions on the earth. That’s because eating such foods can help you sweat and cool down more. Spicy foods get their heat from a chemical called capsaicin, which triggers a similar physiological response as a 90 degree weather would. This causes you to sweat and therefore cool down.

3. Hang Out Downstairs

Warm air naturally gravitates to a higher area. That means the first story of a building will generally be cooler than the floors above, so stay downstairs if you can. If you have a basement, that’s even better! This is true even if the A/C is running.

4. Use Cotton or Linen Fabrics

Cotton is generally more breathable than most other fabrics, which means it won’t trap sweat. The lower the thread count, the better. Linen is typically a little heavier but is also pretty breathable. These fabrics allow more air to circulate so they don’t trap hot air so much. Are you sleeping hot during this summer heat? Check out Lull’s Sheets: made of 400 thread count long staple cotton, Lull Sheets are breathable and ideal for year-round comfort.

5. Use Fans

They won’t be as powerful as your A/C, which means they won’t eat up your electricity bill as much. If you need extra portability, try handheld fans. If you really need an extra boost, try a spray bottle with an attached fan. If you have a ceiling fan, try having it spin counterclockwise if possible. Doing this helps push the cool air downward.

6. Go to Places That Are Typically Cooled Down

If you can’t adequately cool down at home, go somewhere else. Look for beaches, pools, or anywhere where you can safely go for a swim. If you don’t want to get wet, grocery stores tend to be cool. Just keep your distance and sanitize!

7. Take a Cold Shower With Peppermint Soap

A shower can refresh you even after you step out of the bathroom, and peppermint will help cool down your skin. Just remember to conserve water and don’t stay in the shower for too long!

8. Sleep on Cooling Memory Foam

Many of us have experienced the difficulties of falling asleep comfortably on a hot summer night. Depending on what type of bed you have, mattresses can get hot and stay hot. Fortunately, there are mattresses out there made with this in mind. Check out Lull’s affordable, high-quality memory foam mattresses. The cooling gel top layer of Lull Mattresses transfers heat away from the body while promoting maximum airflow, so you can sleep cool all summer long. For a limited time, get $150 off your new favorite mattress and effortlessly stay cool. If you aren’t sure all this can possibly work for you, take comfort in enjoying a 100 night risk-free trial. There’s already over 35,000 customers obsessed with their Lull Mattress! --- Heat waves don’t always have to be a major bummer. They may be tough, but you can get through this without overworking your A/C. If you find it too tough to work, check out our last blog post on relaxation tips and sit back. It’ll cool down soon!
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