A Quick & Easy Guide to the Best Essential Oils for Sleep

A Quick & Easy Guide to the Best Essential Oils for Sleep

Is it still snowing in your part of the world? It might seem like you’ll never be able to enjoy the sweet scents of Spring blossoms again. But even if you’ve got more cold weather headed your way, you can still get the benefits of the best smells from Mother Nature. We're talking about picking up a few essential oils and bringing them into your home. Essential oils have a wide range of physical and mental health benefits, including relaxation and deeper sleep. But how do you know which essential oils to choose and the best way to use them? We’ve done the hard work for you and created this guide to the 7 best essential oils for sleep and relaxation. We’ll even show you the right way to put them to use, so you get the biggest benefits and no mess!

What Are the Top Essential Oil Uses?

Essential oils have been used since ancient times to relieve medical concerns. They’ve been found to promote natural healing and even reduce pain without narcotics. Let’s take a look at some of the most common uses of essential oils... Essential Oils for Sleep: A 2017 study on women’s sleep found essential oils to be more effective than acupressure in getting better rest. Essential Oils for Anxiety: People have been using essential oils to combat high levels of stress and anxiety for centuries. It’s even been shown to reduce the symptoms of menopause! Essential Oils for Depression: Many times, sleep issues and depression go hand-in-hand. That’s why we were so glad that several studies have indicated that essential oils can alleviate many of the most common symptoms of depression.

What Are the Best Essential Oils for Sleep?

Now that you know some of the benefits of essential oils, let’s take a look at which blends you should use if you want better sleep every night of the year...

Lavender Oil for Sleep

One of the most popular choices for sleep aromatherapy, lavender has been used as a natural remedy since ancient times. Recent studies have also shown that lavender can be used as an alternative to addictive pain medications.

Jasmine Oil for Sleep

This light, floral scent helps to cut down on tossing and turning, as well as increase your alertness during the day. Surprisingly, jasmine essential oil has been found to be even more effective than lavender oil at promoting better sleep.

Rose and Geranium Oils for Sleep

While these two essential oils have similar scents and benefits, they don’t get much attention as a sleep remedy, for some reason. Using these two oils is also a great alternative to valerian root, as they have the same effect, but don’t require you to take an oral supplement.

Sandalwood Oil for Sleep

If you prefer a less flowery scent, you might want to give sandalwood essential oil a try. It has all the benefits of the other oils we’ve mentioned. Plus, it gives off a rich, earthy smell that many people find to be more relaxing than the floral essential oil options.

Citrus Oil for Sleep

This is another great alternative for folks that don’t care for flowery scents and it comes with a variety of benefits. Citrus essential oil has been shown to promote both sleep and feeling more alert, as well as reduce the effects of anxiety and depression.

Vanilla Oil for Sleep

Vanilla oil is not only sweet smelling, but it has also been shown to promote relaxation and relieve stress in people of all ages. Using vanilla oil will not only help you fall asleep faster, but it will also quiet the nervous system and boost your mood.

How Do I Use Essential Oils for Sleep and Relaxation?

Once you choose the right essential oil for your needs, it’s time to put it to work helping you de-stress and rest. We’ve gathered up some tips for using essential oil the right way to help you get started. Add Oils to Your Pre-Bed Bath: With this method, you’ll get twice the sleep-promoting power. A warm bath is a great way to unwind at the end of a long day and adding 3-5 drops of your favorite essential oil to the water will help you fall asleep even faster. Use an Essential Oil Diffuser: Electronic diffusers have become a very popular way to benefit from essential oils in the home. Most of them are also very cost-effective (averaging around $25) and are a great set-it-and-forget-it way to get better sleep. DIY Essential Oil Spray: Don’t want to pay for pricey essential oil mists? You can make your own at home! Just add ½ cup of water and 4-6 drops of your chosen essential oil to a clean spray bottle. Mist your sheets before bedtime and you’ll be drifting off to Dreamland in no time.

How to Get Even Better Sleep Every Night

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