The Best Mother’s Day Present EVER (and No, It’s Not a Bathrobe!)

The Best Mother’s Day Present EVER (and No, It’s Not a Bathrobe!)

When it comes to showing Mom how much we appreciate her each year on Mother’s Day, many of us fall back on the old standbys – flowers, boxes of chocolate, or the ever-popular fuzzy bathrobe. But what if we told you that there is a gift that can keep on giving all year that Mom needs desperately more than anything that comes in a box? We’re talking about quality sleep, of course!

The Stats Don’t Lie – Moms Want More Shuteye

Over 60% of women are getting less than seven hours of sleep each night, and that lack of regular rest is leading them to function at far less than their optimal best. And most moms these days have roles that include much more than just staying home with the kiddos – they are professionals in their own right, partners to their spouses, friends and confidants to their social circles, and so much more. Yet they can’t seem to get the sleep that they need to power through their days like the Wonder Woman that they are. So if you’re still hunting for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, check out these tips for giving her some cozy essentials that will help her enhance her sleep every night of the year…

How to Give Mom the Gift of Better Sleep

There are some simple ways that you can help the mother in your life to get the rest she needs (and deserves!) all year round, and all they take is a little bit of know-how and planning. Prepping for the Next Day: Instead of expecting Mom to rush around in morning to get herself ready for work and the kids ready for school, help her gain some extra sack time by making sure that as much of the morning routine as done the night before as possible – pack lunches, lay out outfits, and take care of baths or showers before bedtime. Enlist the Kids for Help on the “Big Day”: Most children love to help, and giving them assignments for Mother’s Day can not only ensure that you have an extra set of hands or two, but can also help keep them busy and out of trouble! Get them to butter toast or whisk eggs if you’re serving Mom breakfast in bed, or have them clean up the house a bit so Mom comes out to a neater home. Silence is Golden: Your first step in giving Mom better sleep this Mother’s Day is to make sure that she has the time and ability to sleep in, and the best way that you can do that is by keeping noise levels down. Take the kids to the park or the zoo, and let them get out their extra energy, while Mom stays at home soaking up the peace and quiet. Make Her Time in Bed Extra Cozy: If you want Mom to have something that she can actually unwrap on Mother’s Day, try giving her some sleep essentials that will help her enjoy her added slumber even more. Upgrade her bed to a premium gel foam mattress, consider some new luxurious linens, or even get her small but super useful like a sleep mask. And don’t forget the heartfelt card that tells Mom just how much she means to you!

Committing Yourself to Self-Care This Mother’s Day

If you’re a mom and you’re looking for hints on great gift ideas, you might want to jot down some notes on these 5 tips for increasing your sleep quality, and mention to your partner or older children that what you’re really after this Mother’s Day is an entire year of better sleep…
  1. Change How You Think About Sleep: Somewhere along the line, our society has come up with this notion that sleep is optional, and that functioning without it is somehow a badge of honor. Ditch that skewed line of thinking and commit yourself to getting at least one extra hour of sleep each night for a week – you’ll notice a big difference in how you feel, guaranteed!
  2. Don’t Forget to Listen to Your Body: We all have a natural sleep schedule that helps us to balance or body’s needs for rest. Create a routine that is tailored to your own sleep pattern by using a bedtime calculator like, and you will feel wake up each day feeling more refreshed than ever.
  3. Create the Ideal Sleep Environment: Your bedroom should be a shrine dedicated to getting high-quality sleep, built only for relaxation and slumber. You can get there by keeping your room dark and cool, removing distractions like TVs and other electronic devices, and focusing on soothing lighting.
  4. Start a Relaxing Bedtime Routine: You can help prep yourself for getting better sleep by giving your body and mind signals that it’s time for bed through relaxing activities, such as yoga, enjoying a cup of warm herbal tea, taking a bubble bath, or reading a good book.
  5. Consider Keeping a Journal: If you’re someone that just can’t seem to shut their mind off at bedtime, you might find that doing some journaling before turning in for the night can give you the peace and quiet that you need for better rest.
By making a commitment to getting the restorative sleep that you need every night of the year, you’ll find yourself happier and healthier in no time at all – not to mention feeling like even more a Wonder Woman that ever before. Happy Mother’s Day to all the super-hero moms out there!
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