Caught in the Act! 5 Crazy Places People Have Snagged Some Sleep

Caught in the Act! 5 Crazy Places People Have Snagged Some Sleep

Ah, sleep. There’s nothing like getting some quality rest to make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated, comfy and supported in your own bed. But what if the need to snooze strikes when you’re not at home? Some people don’t let a little thing like the lack of a mattress stop them from catching up on the sleep that they need. In fact, there are folks that will take advantage of any opportunity to get the rest that they need. You may have even encountered one of these lucky individuals, catching a nap whenever and wherever they can. No insomnia here! Here are the top 5 craziest places people have tried to catch some sleep:

5) Lullaby for Two

Any parent will tell you that the first thing that goes when you bring home a new baby is your peaceful night of sleep. Babies have a way of cutting down on sack time with their need for constant care, and many new parents will catch a nap whenever they can – and wherever they can. If you catch them scrunched up in baby’s bed with them, chalk it up to new parent exhaustion.

4) The Doctor Will See You Now

We’ve all had to wait our turn in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, and with old magazines and the same health news video on repeat, it may be tempting to catch a quick nap. Although most of us hold off, there are some folks that have no qualms about making themselves at home at the doctor’s by sawing some logs while they wait.

3) Bringing Home the Bacon

For most of us, the farthest thing from our minds while at work is sleep. But there are those that have no problem with merging their home and work lives by catching up on some sleep at the office. Hope the boss isn’t around!

2) Whitening and Brightening

The Laundromat can be a very boring place, and with the white noise from the washers and dryers, it may not be so surprising that sleep creeps up on some folks while they wait for their clothes to wash and dry. For most of us, though, the thought of taking a snooze in the presence of strangers and their laundry is not an appealing thought, making this the second craziest place to grab some sleep.

1) Taking Care of Business

Number one on the countdown is a place that may feel very comfortable and familiar to us all but is not usually the place most people think of when sleep comes to mind. Whether it’s because of the familiarity of the surroundings, the early morning hour, or the peace and quiet that the most private room of all brings, there are people that fall asleep on the toilet. Talk about a priceless photo op! We humans are a rare breed, for sure. These crazy places to sleep are pretty tough to beat, but we’d love to hear you try. Have you ever caught anyone sleeping in any of them? Or maybe even crazier?
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