Discover the Top 4 Sleep Positions for a Healthier Life

Discover the Top 4 Sleep Positions for a Healthier Life

Written by: Lull Team



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Are you putting your health at risk every night? You could be, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). They found that nearly 40% of Americans aren’t getting enough sleep each night if they want to stay happy and healthy.

Not spending the recommended minimum of 7 hours a night in Dreamland is causing some serious health risks. Sleepless nights can lead to obesity, diabetes, and even an increased risk of a heart attack.

But what if you’re getting enough sack time and you’re still struggling with health issues? It turns out, it’s not just how much time you’re spending in bed that leads to a healthy lifestyle.

Your sleep position also plays a key role in better health. It’s been found that how you sleep is responsible for everything from reduced aches and pains to preventing digestive upset.

The Best Sleep Positions for Better Health

We’re going to take a look at 4 sleep positions that play a specific role in helping you improve your health in different areas. Keep reading to find out which sleep position works best to keep you waking up feeling like a million bucks.

1. On Your Back

Although many people prefer other positions over back sleeping, it’s by far one of the healthiest options. Sleeping on your back reduces pressure on your spine, neck, and head by keeping them in a neutral position.

That means less pain in those areas and even a reduced risk of struggling with acid reflux at night. On the flip side, this position also causes your tongue to block proper air flow. This can make it a position to avoid if you’re a snorer or have sleep apnea.

The Bottom Line: Reduces acid reflux and body aches, but could increase snoring.

2. On Your Stomach

Sleeping on your stomach is an ideal way to ease snoring. But this position is bad for almost every other aspect of your health. Side sleepers will find it’s difficult to keep their spine aligned. This leads to more aches and pains when you wake up. And it can also cause irritation to the nerves.

If you still choose to sleep on your stomach, you should avoid turning your head to one side. Try sleeping face down with a pillow propping up your forehead. This will give you room to breathe and also help keep your spine in a more neutral position.

The Bottom Line: Eases snoring but could increase other health concerns.

3. In the Fetal Position

Sleeping curled up on your side in the fetal position is one of the most popular choices for pregnant women. It’s also one of the healthiest, thanks to improving blood circulation and reducing snoring. But this sleep position can leave you feeling a bit sore when you wake up, so it’s best to avoid it if you suffer from arthritis or chronic back pain.

The Bottom Line: Good for pregnant women and snorers, but bad for aches and pains.

4. On Your Side

Sleeping on your side with your legs and torso relatively straight is a great way to prevent acid reflux. It’s also an ideal way to ward-off snoring and body aches. That’s because this sleep position keeps your airways open and your spine aligned.

The Bottom Line: Perfect for those with sleep apnea or digestive issues.

How to Sleep Better in Any Position

No matter which of these sleep positions you choose, one thing remains the same when it comes to unlocking better health. You need the optimal level of support from your mattress!

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