7 Fun Activities to Do This Fall

7 Fun Activities to Do This Fall

As the leaves change colors and the air gets colder, it’s time to consider some new activities to better suit the season. The sun is setting sooner, but it’s also up earlier, so consider getting a good night’s rest and starting the day bright and early. So put on your jacket and head on outside to enjoy the cooler weather through a few different (pandemic-friendly) activities:

1. Check out a corn maze.

A corn maze not only has an autumn-y aesthetic, it’s thrilling and completely outdoors. If you’re looking for some adventure and want to pretend you’re in a horror or fantasy movie, look to see if some are open near you.

2. Try a more strenuous hike.

Now that the weather’s cooling down, you won’t have to worry about overheating under a scorching sun. That means it’s finally time to face that extra tall peak you’ve been considering and those long trails with very little shade rather than the woodsy trails. Still don’t forget the sunscreen and bug spray though.

3. Make some fall-themed dishes and drinks.

Pumpkin spice doesn’t need to only be a part of your lattes, but also homemade mouthwatering pies, eggnog, biscuits, or cookies. Here’s a list of 75 pumpkin spiced desserts to get you into the spirit of fall.

4. Watch some fall-themed movies.

Pour a warm cup of eggnog or hot apple cider to sip while watching E.T or Friday Night Lights, films that are mostly set during fall. Reminisce on your back-to-school days and crowded pre-pandemic festivities with some pumpkin spiced popcorn, maybe as a way of relaxing after a strenuous hike.

5. Tell ghost stories over Zoom or a campfire.

The sun’s earlier descent gives you more hours of a dark sky, giving you a better backdrop for spooky nights of ghost stories! Gather a small group of friends for a picnic and/or campfire and tell some unforgettable scary stories.

6. Try some DIY autumn decor.

Colorful leaves and pinecones don’t just have to decorate the sidewalks, you can have some setting the mood in your living room as well. Hit the local crafts store and pick up some fake leaves, pumpkins, and fabrics that fit with your intended aesthetic. Here’s a list of fall-themed crafts you can try to bring the season home.

7. Start your Black Friday online shopping.

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