How to Transition Your Home Decor From Fall to Winter

How to Transition Your Home Decor From Fall to Winter

It’s official! December 1st marked the first day of the winter season, so let the winter and holiday festivities begin! There are an endless amount of ways to get into the winter holiday spirit, like making gingerbread houses or sipping on some sweet hot cocoa, but we find one of the best ways to really surround yourself with the magic of the season is to winter-fy your home decor. Coming from fall, with pumpkins, orange and red leaves, or perhaps even a few turkey decorations, your home may need to make a transition to fit the new season. Changing up home decor can seem daunting, but not to worry because we have some tips and tricks that’ll help turn your home from a fall harvest into a winter wonderland!

Rearrange and Add Warmth

A little rearranging can actually go a long way. In your living room, or any room that serves as a social space, pull the furniture away from the walls and closer to the center of the room. This will pull people closer together, and create a more intimate and cozy setting. While you’re at it, make sure to add more pillows and blankets to the room for that extra layer of comfort. Have the fuzzy socks and blankets ready! Bringing friends and family together will feel even warmer being closer together and all bundled up.

Get Your Bedding In Check!

There’s no better time than winter to take your bedding situation up a notch. It’s crucial to pile up on the bedding so you stay warm throughout the night. You’ll need a new cozy duvet and sheet set that’ll guarantee you stay cozy on those cold nights. Don’t stop there, with a new duvet and sheet set you might as well treat yourself to a new premium mattress and pillows that’ll be sure to help you get the best sleep possible. One of our favorite parts about winter is getting time to catch up on much needed sleep, so why not do so in the most comfortable fashion?

Let There Be Light!

A little twinkling light can help give any space some holiday cheer! Christmas lights or any kind of string lights can be easily added to almost any fall decoration. Any decoration pieces that incorporate outdoor elements like tree branches, and green leaves can be easily transitioned to a holiday feel with some string lights; the look will resemble a Christmas tree! Or if you’re a candle lover, group together your favorite candles either above your fireplace, at an entryway or on your dining table. Doing so will add warmth, and will be sure to make your home feel like it’s in the holiday spirit.

Turn What Was Fall Into Winter

Don’t let your Fall decorations go to waste, with a little fine-tuning they can become your favorite Winter decor pieces. Do you have a bunch of pumpkins lying around from Thanksgiving? Well not to worry, a quick coat of white paint and some glitter will make your fall decorations reminiscent of winter snow! You can also get together any lingering pieces of leaves and create a winter seasonal wreath. Turn what was once oranges and yellows, into icy whites, warm reds and greens!

When in Doubt, Pinterest

If you’re ever looking for some extra inspiration Pinterest can be a great place to find it! Creating a Pinterest board can help you compile your ideas so they’re easier to refer back to later. If you’re really feeling lost, check out Lull’s Pinterest page, and our Winter Home Decor board for some of our favorite winter inspiration! With all of the festivities and decorations that come along with winter, what isn’t there to love about the holiday season? Making your space into a true winter wonderland doesn’t have to be as hard as ice. With these tips, revamping your home decor will be the easiest (and most fun) activity you do this winter season!
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