Festival of Sleep Day: The Holiday You Should Know About 

Festival of Sleep Day: The Holiday You Should Know About 

With the end of another year, now comes the beginning of a new decade. After a month-long holiday celebration, we are now finally in 2020! Over the past month, we have shopped (perhaps until we dropped), eaten, celebrated, partied, and then celebrated some more. After spending endless hours focusing on those we love, we may have forgotten one very important person: ourselves! It just might feel like the only thing we have yet to do is sleep. Well, now is the perfect time to do so. With each new year comes our favorite (yet not entirely well known) holiday, Festival of Sleep Day! On January 3rd, we get the chance to celebrate our favorite thing in the entire world, and something we’re all sure to need right about now: sleep. During the holiday season, our stress levels are sure to have risen, our fitness routines are now practically non-existent, and we have spent much of our time indulging in sweets and other holiday goodies that have put our regular diets out of whack. With all of the change and chaos of the holidays, our sleeping habits may suffer which can mean our health may suffer as well. You may already know that poor sleep is linked to poor health, but just as a refresher, here are some important reasons why you should be taking advantage of Festival of Sleep Day and getting your sleep schedule back on track.

Brain Function and Memory

Depriving ourselves of proper amounts of sleep, especially during a hectic time, can have serious effects on our general brain functions and memory. Sleep is a key component in keeping our brains active and working correctly. Inadequate sleep affects our decision making, ability to retain information, general alertness and creativity.

Physical Health

A proper sleep schedule can do wonders for your physical health. A proper amount of sleep will lead to a better immune system and can help control weight gain. Getting enough sleep can also help prevent diabetes, prevent heart disease and even improve fertility. Your physical health is incredibly determined by your quality of sleep.

Mental Health

Lastly, amongst everything else, your sleep (or lack thereof) can greatly alter your mental state. Aside from the general moodiness and irritability that comes along with a poor night’s sleep, not getting enough of that crucial shut-eye can have even more extreme effects. With a lack of sleep, you put yourself at risk for mental health problems such as increased stress levels, anxiety and depression. Coming into 2020, your body may need to do some catching up on rest. If you’re looking to take full advantage of the marvelous Festival of Sleep Day, here are some things you can do to get yourself ready for all of the sleep you’ll be getting!
  • Get your comfy clothes ready: It’s time to break out your favorite sweats, pajamas, fuzzy socks, and cozy tops! To make the most of your day of sleep, you’ll want to be wearing your favorite sleeping gear to keep you totally comfy. Getting to sleep, and staying asleep, is always more simple when you’re wrapped in comfort from head to toe.
  • Get your bed in tip-top shape: If you’re in need of a new mattress, now is the time to get yourself one. To really get the best sleep, you’ll need a mattress that’ll support your body properly. Sleeping on a quality mattress will allow you to fall into a deep slumber and wake up feeling truly refreshed. On top of this, a proper set of pillows that can support your neck, sheets that are silky soft to the touch, and a duvet to cuddle up with will really have a positive impact on that much-needed sleep. Luckily, Lull is making it easy to get your bed in tip-top shape with $275 off - $150 off a Lull Mattress and $125 off Lull's Bedding Bundle (includes: two pillows, sheet set, comforter & duvet cover).
  • Determine how much sleep you can get and need: Unfortunately, Festival of Sleep Day is not a holiday that permits a day off, so be sure to determine how much catch-up sleep you can fit into your day, and how much you need. If you’re working a normal schedule maybe you can to go to bed a few hours earlier than usual. If you’re in school and have the day off, maybe spend a good few hours of your day getting those z’s. However many hours (or minutes) it may be, it’s a good idea to determine how much sleep you’ll be getting on this day in order to plan around your usual schedule.
After the whirlwind that we know of as the holiday season, we all could use a nap. Make the most of the Festival of Sleep Day, however that may look to you, and play some good ol’ catch up.
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