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Five Tips to Help You Get Better Sleep This Holiday Season

The holidays are inching closer, bringing apprehension for some and excitement for others, or a complex swirl of both. The buildings are decorated with twinkly lights, and the sound of Jingle Bell Rock is inescapable at stores. Overall, there are plenty of colorful, musical sights to take in, and it’s easier if it’s all primed by a good night’s sleep. However, both the apprehension and excitement for the festivities can leave you jittering at night, whether it’s for fun or in fear of how you’ll confront a sneering relative. So we’ve put together some tips on how you can enjoy a well-rested holiday season so you can light that menorah or Christmas tree in full glory:

1. Have a plan for any issues that’ll arise.

Is your body-shaming aunt coming to the Christmas party? Will your coworker probably have too many margaritas again at the office party and spill all their secrets? Or will there be none of the above, but rather a sense of loneliness instead? Planning how you’ll handle these issues can help alleviate some of your stress. Have a comeback for each of the antics or loneliness you expect.

2. If you can’t avoid the stress, relieve it before bed.

People and circumstances can change without your awareness. Sometimes we can’t escape every new issue that pops up, leaving us to an impromptu battle. If you find yourself in any tricky situations, see how you can take extra steps to unwind before going to bed. Fortunately, we’ve written plenty of tips on this blog, such as using an app or meditating.

3. Drink that spiked eggnog carefully.

We’ve mentioned this multiple times on our blog, but it’s so important that we’ll do it again. Alcohol can mess with your sleep more than you think. Don’t let the sight of people passing out drunk fool you: they’ll wake up in just a few hours, well before they’d like, and unable to go back to sleep to fill their need. Again, alcohol messes with your ability to enjoy the deeper, rejuvenating stages of sleep.

4. Choose your parties carefully.

Those of you with richer social lives might be deciding between multiple occasions, some of which might be taking place at the same time. Should you pick that holiday mixer at your relaxed, gamer coworker’s house, where the main feature is a game of charades? Or your party animal cousin’s mansion party that might lead to some wild shenanigans involving a pool and too much champagne? Think about which one has the potential to disrupt your sleep further, whether it’s through the people, amenities, activities, or all of the above.

5. Give yourself and others the gift of good sleep.

Okay, you can’t wish to cure everyone’s insomnia to a genie this year, or ever. But you can gift some well-crafted, premium memory foam pillows and even a mattress to someone or even yourself. We’ve stressed plenty of times on this blog how much getting a good night’s sleep will make it easier to deal with the stresses of life, and the holidays are no exception. Luckily, you’re already on the right site: Lull is currently having a pre-holiday sale where we’re giving $300 off all our mattresses: a memory foam and a luxe hybrid version. No need to leave the comfort of your home to get these mattresses. They’ll be delivered right to your door. You can give great sleep on a smaller scale with our memory foam pillows or luxurious duvets as well!
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