Four Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom’s Look for Spring

Four Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom’s Look for Spring

Spring has sprung, the flowers are blooming, the sky is sunnier, and the days are longer. And hopefully, your sleep is getting better. To do that, you’ll have to pay attention to how the switch to Daylight Savings has affected your sleep, which we’ve written about here.

Another way to be more in tune with the season is to refresh your room’s look to surround yourself with the spirit of spring without stepping outside. Here are a few ways to step up your room’s look for spring in ways that’ll hit all your senses:

1. Get some floral decor.

Flowers are a classic reminder of the scents and color palette of spring. Consider some floral curtains, paintings, tapestries, or even a comforter. The easiest way to add some flowers is probably to add some real or faux flowers in a vase. Also consider tablecloths, table runners, and shower curtains. As for what flowers to pick, sunflowers and tulips are standard spring staples -- but you can look into other options to figure out what works best for you.

2. Look for a pastel color palette.

Pastel colors tend to be evocative of spring, reminding us of the beautiful blue skies and fields of flowers. If you’re following #1 and adding florals, you’ll be on the track already. Even without any floral patterns, some pastel greens, pinks, sky blues, yellows will help set a sunnier ambiance. Yellow and sky blues are the colors of a sunny day, after all. 

For items that typically don’t come in pastel colors, such as wooden items, consider switching up the color to a lighter shade. Turquoise is also another option that isn’t pastel at all but is also reminiscent of spring and summer vacations.

3. Spring break all day, every day.

Imagine your ideal spring break vacay and see if you can find decor that’ll give you the same energy. Whether you’re dreaming of Tulum, Tahiti, Miami, or Vegas, hang up some posters or decor of the local culture. For example, straw baskets are commonly used for storage in a lot of popular spring and summer vacation destinations. Palm trees, coconuts, and pineapples often evoke the sunny, warm ambiance of the beach.

If you’d like for your room to feel even more like a spring break-worthy resort, check out some luxurious new mattresses and bedding. Lull’s having a spring sale where you can get $300 off our premium memory foam mattresses. So check it out for an affordable way to pretend you’re at a resort, getting some much-needed sleep after a beach bonfire. 

4. Make it smell like spring.

The florals and spring decor mentioned above don’t only need to be visual, but olfactory as well. You can further enhance the spring ambiance with the right fragrance plugins, candles, diffusers, room sprays -- however you like to enjoy your scents. Look into scents that remind you of your favorite flowers and destinations. 

It’ll be refreshing to walk into your room and be immediately hit with the scent of gardenia, coconuts, beaches, daisies -- whatever helps to evoke the energy and light of spring. 

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