Gain Insight Into These 9 Areas of Your Life with Dream Interpretation

Gain Insight Into These 9 Areas of Your Life with Dream Interpretation

Have you ever been curious about what your dreams mean? According to some teachers of Metaphysics, every dream is about the dreamer’s state of mind 24-48 hours before the dream occurs. And they also say that we all have the ability to understand and interpret our dreams, each and every night. All it takes is a willingness to be open to the insights that our subconscious is trying to share with us and some dedication in keeping track of the dreams. Dreams come to you from your subconscious – the deepest part of your mind. Every time you dream, meditate, or listen to your intuition, you’re tapping into your subconscious. During dreams, your subconscious uses images from your waking world to symbolically “speak” to you. These 9 interpretations of some of the most common dreams will give you a head start on the path to personal discovery that comes with recording and interpreting your own dreams.

1. Dreams About Your Health

The image of a car in your dreams is a symbol from your subconscious for your body, as during your waking life a car moves your body from place to place, while in your dreams, your body becomes the vehicle that moves your mind. This means that any dreams that you might have about a car are related to your health, and you should pay attention to your body when you’re awake. Take stock of your current health and listen to what your body (and your dreams) might be trying to tell you. Focus on how the car appears in your dreams. Is it new or old? Pristine or damaged? Is it parked or moving? If the car is in a parking lot, it symbolizes rest and relaxation, and it means that you might be in need of a break in your waking life. If you’re driving a car, it symbolizes that you are in control of yourself, while driving a car recklessly in your dreams means just the opposite!

2. Dreams About Your Mindset

The settings of your dreams reveal your state of mind in the waking world. If you’re dreaming about work, it symbolizes that you’re focused on activity and accomplishment. If you’re dreaming about school, it symbolizes that you’re focused on learning new life lessons. If your dream takes place in a brand-new house, your waking mindset is one of a whole new way of thinking. If your dream was based in an old house or your childhood home, it indicates that you’re most likely in a rut and it might be time for a change.

3. Dreams About Your Focus

The type of dreams that you have are a good indicator of where your attention lies during your waking life, as they give you a clue as to what’s happening in your mind. Are you having mundane dreams? Or are they wild and outlandish? Do your dreams seem short and simple? Or do they ramble on and on? Pay attention to how your dreams progress. It will give you some insight on where your attention and focus is in your waking life – even if you don’t realize it!

4. Dreams About Your Future

Some dreams can even be indicators of what might happen in the future. While these dreams are considered to be “precognitive,” meaning that they seem psychic and ultra-realistic, they are not actual predictions of what might happen during the rest of your life – you are always in control of your own life. Don’t become frightened or anxious over these types of dreams, instead think about how what you saw in your dream could relate to your current life circumstances, and use the symbolic nature of the dream to give you some more insight into the here and now.

5. Dreams About Your Creative Side

There are dreams that have led to the discovery of some major inventions and creation of famous literary works. Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein after dreaming of the monster that the book is based upon, and Elias Howe completed his first sewing machine after dreaming of the integral part that he had been missing to make it all come together. Dreams can definitely help you to tap into your creative side, as well as solve problems that you might have been dealing with in your waking life. Watch for symbols such as paintings, books, and even televisions to help you recognize a creative idea when you see one in your dreams.

6. Dreams About Self-Control

In the world of dreams, animals are symbolic of habitual routine, as they are instinctual creatures that are ruled by habits that they use in order to survive. Humans can have habits that help and habits that hurt, and dreams can give insight into the need for self-control to kick the harmful ones. Focus on how you’re interacting with the animals in your dreams. Are they friendly or fearsome? Do you have them on a leash or are they chasing you? If your dream animals are aggressive and chasing you, it’s a very good indicator that you have a habit in your waking life that you need to get under control!

7. Dreams About Self-Expression

The clothing that you’re wearing in your dreams can help to give you insight into how you express yourself. Wearing work attire? That means that you’re ready to get down to business. Workout clothing is a sign that you’re relaxed, while black-tie dress can indicate that you’re feeling confident. What about those dreams where you’re naked? They’re a sign that you’re experiencing your “true self” and you’re very comfortable with who you really are. On the flip side, if you’re trying to cover up your nakedness, you’re most likely feeling vulnerable.

8. Dreams About Your Personality

The people that make appearances in your dreams are actually versions of you! When you see another person in your dreams, ask yourself how you would describe the type of person that they are. If they were kind or friendly, they’re a representation of your “good” side. But if they’re rude or stubborn, you might want to take a look at how you were treating other people the day or two before the dream!

9. Dreams About Life Changes

There are times that your dreams will symbolize the major changes in your life, and how you really feel about them. In dreams, death is a new state of being. If a person dies in one of your dreams, it symbolizes that a part of you is going to change. Examine the circumstances of the dream person’s death. If they were killed, it could indicate that this change in your life feels as if it is being forced upon you, and you might want to look into this change to see how you can best deal with it. Taking the time to record your dreams each morning when you wake up and then interpreting them can give you some serious insight into the major areas of your life and how you’re feeling under the surface.
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