How to Get Your Best Sleep All Summer Long!

How to Get Your Best Sleep All Summer Long!

Summer is here! June 20th marked the official first day of Summer, which means the days ahead are warm and sunny. Now that the weather is warming up, we all surely want to spend our days having as much fun as we possibly can. After a long day of fun activities under the sun, you may feel pretty sleepy. It's important to stay safe, cool, and well-rested during the hottest months of the year so you can make the most of the season. Getting enough quality sleep during the summertime can be difficult due to rising temperatures, sweaty nights, and trouble unwinding after action-packed days in the sun. That's why we're here to help you get the sleep you deserve! Here are 9 ways to get your best sleep all summer long:

Choose Temperature-Regulating Bedding

It can be easy to lose sleep on those hot summer nights. To avoid sweaty nights, choose bedding that's made of breathable fabric. Luckily, Lull Sheets are made of breathable cotton that allows proper air circulation through the fiber. Be sure to also choose a comfortable duvet that will keep you cool in warm temperatures. If you're in need of fresh new bedding for Summer, check out Lull's limited time bedding bundle sale: get $125 off and sleep cool this summer!

Create a Sleep Sanctuary

Keep your bedroom dark and quiet by powering down all electronic devices and investing in some dimming curtains for your windows. You should also keep it cool with the addition of a high-powered fan or by dropping your thermostat to the ideal sleeping temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Set Aside Some Time to Unwind

We know it's tempting to pack your Summer days with as many fun activities as possible, but it's important to set aside some time to relax before bedtime. Try to avoid high-energy activities at least 3 hours before going to sleep. Instead, use this time for some self-care activities such as reading a good book, enjoying a cup of caffeine-free tea, or practicing mindful breathing techniques to calm your body and mind.

Avoid Alcohol Right Before Going to Sleep

Summer parties can be so much fun, but can also inhibit your restorative sleep. Be mindful of your alcohol consumption and avoid drinking alcohol a few hours before heading to bed, as alcoholic beverages can disrupt sleep cycles and prevent deep sleep.

Invest in Cooling Memory Foam

If you want to get your best sleep during the summer, you'll want to sleep on a temperature-regulating memory foam mattress. Lull Mattresses are crafted with a cooling gel top layer that transfers heat away from the body, contours to your body, and promotes airflow. With a memory foam mattress, you'll be able to sleep cool all summer long.

Stay Consistent With a Sleep Schedule

One of the best things about summer is having more free time in your schedule. Although there's more time for vacations and family fun, be mindful of your sleep schedule. It's best to go to sleep around the same time each night and wake up around the same time each morning. If you stick to a sleep schedule, it will be easier for your body and mind to recognize when it's time to go bed. This means it'll be easier to fall asleep at night, and easier to wake up in the morning to start your day of fun.

Try Some Soothing Stretches

Before going to sleep, stretch your body to relax your muscles and prevent injuries from any physical activities. Try some yoga and focus on your breathing.

Eat Dinner Earlier in the Evening

Eating a big meal right before bedtime may cause digestive discomfort, which will in turn make it harder to fall asleep. So even though the sun sets later this time of year, have your last meal of the day at least a couple of hours before going to bed.

Choose Breezy PJs

When it comes to summertime sleepwear, be sure to stick with loose-fitting pajamas. Your best bet is to go with a natural, breathable fabric like cotton to help keep you from sweating instead of sleeping. Whatever your plans for the summer may be, it's important to stay well-rested and energized for anything that you want to do. These 9 tips will have you feeling happier and healthier all summer long!
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