Your Holiday Gift Guide for 2020: 9 of the Best Gift Ideas

Your Holiday Gift Guide for 2020: 9 of the Best Gift Ideas

Gifting for 2020 may look quite different for a lot of us this year. Things such as fancy vacations, packed resorts, and sparkling party outfits are out of the question for many of us in 2020. However, this doesn’t mean that gifting has to be any less fun this year. Even if you won’t be unwrapping them at a holiday party while sipping on eggnog, receiving and giving gifts is still an important part of the holiday spirit. Here are our top 9 2020-friendly holiday gift ideas that can also serve as a way of helping others who have been adversely affected by this year’s events. Small businesses have taken quite a hit, so perusing their shops is a great way to find unique products for yourself and others while helping stimulate local economies. To find them, check out local craft fairs or Etsy if you’d like to do it all online.

1. Cute face masks or hand sanitizers.

Plenty of fashion and beauty brands have been using their resources to make their own face masks and hand sanitizers with their distinctive branding. Face masks come in plenty of patterns that reflect the brand’s aesthetic and sanitizers can smell like a fresh body spray. Check your local clothing or beauty shop for some PPE (personal protective equipment). Don’t forget your local small businesses -- local gift shops and craft fairs will often sell handmade masks and sanitizer as well.

2. Cookware for making meals at home.

With restaurants shutting down even their outdoor dining areas, it’s not as fun to eat out -- although you should still consider takeout every once in a while to support local restaurants and enjoy something that’s hard to make yourself. This means we have to cook at home, which can actually help us develop healthier eating habits since we’ll know exactly what’s in our food. Look for crockpots, ladles, decorative spoons, kitchen towels, dish soap holders, or reusable metal straws. Learning the eating habits of your gift recipients will give you some clues as to what products they’d enjoy the most.

3. Skincare for that quarantine glow-up.

Perfume and makeup haven’t been the most necessary for those of us working from home. Aside from video calls and social media posts, there aren’t as many opportunities for us to look our best. Skincare is a beauty investment that takes time, so why not try some new skincare products and step out of quarantine as you glow from within. Most beauty brands offer gifting packages with curated mini or full-size products under a specific theme.

4. Indoor garden kits for a touch of nature.

Studies show that spending time in nature has a multitude of physical and mental health benefits, such as lowering stress. Although hiking and walking through the wild is rather low-risk, it’s also great to have some nature at home.

5. Cold weather clothing to wear at home.

Fluffy robes aren’t just for getting out of the bath. As the weather keeps getting colder, a lot of us are layering up at home so our heaters (and thus gas bills) don’t have to do all the work. Thick lounge socks with funky patterns or a layering sweater can bring some extra relief to the dropping temperatures.

6. 2021 planners and calendars.

These organizers are usually under $30 and can make a year-long difference. See if your local stationery store is preparing for 2021 by stocking calendars and planners to help usher in a more organized year, goals written down and all.

7. Equipment for low-risk outdoor activities.

The cooler weather has made it much easier to engage in strenuous outdoor activities, such as running and hiking. However, you can’t just go out on a hike wearing the same clothes you wear to hit the mall, especially during days with early sunsets. It’s essential to pack plenty of water, some snacks, a first-aid kit, and a headlight just in case you’re not out of the woods before it gets dark. If someone you know has started embarking on outdoor adventures, make sure they’re fully equipped to handle the elements or any emergencies. Look at water bottles, headlamps, battery packs, or activewear. Here’s a list of suggestions for outdoor lovers that’ll keep them safe and warm on their journeys.

8. Books to read at home.

Streaming services only have so many binge-able TV shows. Sometimes it’s nice to get our fictional adventures through text instead of a screen -- this way, we can visualize the story for ourselves. Nonfiction books relevant to their interests could also serve as an in-depth educational experience beyond the documentaries. If you’re thinking of giving someone books, ask them what social issues they care for and would like to learn more about. That way, they can emerge back into the world with a greater understanding of it and how they can help.

9. Comfortable bedding to sleep in.

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