6 Ways to Safely Celebrate Halloween This Year

6 Ways to Safely Celebrate Halloween This Year

Can you believe Halloween is already next week?! For many of us, Halloween is associated with social gatherings in crowded bars, homes, and clubs as well as bravely exploring (fake or real) haunted houses in groups. Right now, all the above are just too risky. Wait! This doesn’t mean that Halloween is totally canceled! Rather, it’s being reimagined and celebrated in ways that are more visual than interactive. After all, costume shops aren’t open for no reason. You still have plenty of reasons to stock up on fun costumes -- here 6 ways to safely celebrate Halloween in 2020:

1. Go all out on decorations, both indoors and outdoors.

A splendid Halloween display can be admired from afar and not involve any social contact. Use the $$ you’d normally spend on a lavish Halloween party on those realistic-looking skeletons and maybe those animatronic dragons you’ve always dreamed about. If you typically don’t decorate outdoors, try it out this year! Others will be able to see your festive decor and feel reassured that the Halloween spirit is still alive this year. Encourage your neighbors to do the same!

2. Leave (individually-wrapped) candy outside your home.

Trick-or-treating may be discouraged, but that mainly refers to the traditional method of you opening your door to hand out candy to anyone who knocks. If you live in an apartment, you can still leave out small bags of candy in a bucket outside for any passerby's. Make sure to sanitize your hands and the bucket before placing it out! If you live in a house, you can set up a table on your front lawn so no one has to go up to your door. This gives you plenty of room for even more fun decorations.

3. Have an outdoor Halloween movie marathon.

If you have enough space for a socially-distanced movie night, grab a projector and have a spooky movie marathon. Just be careful with any food or drinks being served! Bag the candies yourself and leave them out on a decorated table for each guest to grab. This is also another reason to amp up the decorations.

4. Have an outdoor decorating party.

Unlike a typical costume party, decorating together is a great way to socialize without standing too close to each other. Again, use the money you’d save on drinks and event tickets to amp up or totally transform your typical decor. For example, your friends can hang up fake cobwebs while you blow up inflatables. Make sure there’s plenty of work for everyone and it can all be done in a safe manner. Pumpkin carving is a pretty time-consuming activity easily done at a distance, so go stock up on plenty of pumpkins!

5. Check out drive-in events, such as movie nights or haunted houses.

Your local drive-in movie theater might be bringing back some old Halloween classics. And yes, drive-in haunted houses are a new thing this year too! If you think you can drive safely while terrified, check if there’s one happening near you. A popular Halloween drive-through activity in “normal” times is driving or walking through heavily-decorated residential neighborhoods, so don’t forget about that as a fun activity this year!

6. Try virtual events.

If virtual costume parties don’t sound very fun, there are other virtual ways of celebrating Halloween. One is Halloween-themed virtual escape rooms, which consist of solving challenging puzzles and riddles in order to escape. That’s a pretty terrifying experience on its own, no dressing up needed. It’s just like playing a computer or video game. At Lull, we’re celebrating Halloween not just with the above, but also with our limited-time Halloween Special! Get $250 off any any premium memory foam mattress, so you can get great sleep before you drive off to those haunted houses!
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