Happy International Pillow Fight Day (No Fooling!)

Happy International Pillow Fight Day (No Fooling!)

Ah, the first day of April. Spring is in full swing with the birds singing and the flowers blooming, but that’s not what’s on most of our minds as April begins, is it? Nope, we’re too worried about the pranks and practical jokes that come along on the first of every April, as everyone has at least one friend that spends quite a bit of time plotting how they’re going to “get” their loved ones. Wait, why?

Because it’s April Fools’ Day, of course!

Although no one is completely sure how this lively holiday got its start, most historians believe that it stems from ancient festivities surrounding the changing of the seasons. The Romans and both Hindu and Jewish cultures all welcomed the season of growth and renewal with some light-hearted fun in order to throw off the cold and darkness of winter with festivals of foolishness this time of year. But tricks and other laughable hijinks aren’t the only way to usher in spring. You can also take part in some spring fever shenanigans with some friends and a couple of your most favorite bedtime tools – your comfy and supportive pillows. Wait, what?

April 1st is also International Pillow Fight Day. Yes, really!

It all started back in 2008, when flash mobs were emerging as the latest and greatest way to get out and have some spontaneous and interactive fun, and some fans of the movie Fight Club put a new twist on the theme of gathering for some light-hearted bonding through competition. Pillow Fight Clubs began to spring up all over the globe – from London to San Francisco, and Vancouver to Manhattan. When these clubs began to discover each other and come together with tips and tricks for making the most of their pillow fighting fun, International Pillow Fight Day was born, and countless mounds of stuffing and feathers were soon sprinkled through the streets of the world, all in the name of some outlandish but good-spirited entertainment. Celebrating this holiday will not only give you the chance to get out there and make new friends (not to mention enjoy time with the ones you already have), get out some of your frustrations through a bit of pillow whacking catharsis, and have the perfect excuse to get some newer and more supportive pillows after a fluffy battle royale, you’ll also get the chance to burn up to 775 calories in a 30 minute pillow fighting frolic. Bonus! Whether you choose to grab some pillows and organize your own Pillow Fight Club or plan some elaborate hijinks in the name of traditional April fooling, April 1st is a great day to do something focused on having fun in the name of the coming of spring. After all, you have all of that extra energy from getting so much amazing rest during last month’s focus on sleep awareness, right? So get out there and enjoy the day – practical jokes, feathers, and all!
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