Here's What Dad Really Wants This Father’s Day

Here's What Dad Really Wants This Father’s Day

Summer is in full swing once again and you’ve been enjoying time at the beach or visiting family. In other words, you’ve been having a grand ol’ time. And then it dawns on you that an important holiday is on the way. We’re talking about Father’s Day, of course! You’ve got some decisions to make when it comes to showing Dad just how much you care. You could plan a trip or party, surprise him with a day of family fun, or fall back on the old Father’s Day standbys. But does Dad really want a pair of slippers, another golf club, or a day spent sweating out in the summer heat in the name of celebrating him? Our bet is that he doesn’t. The truth is that what fathers everywhere really need is some rest. Why? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why Dad is so darn tired all of the time and just wants some well-deserved rest, especially on his special day.

The Top 5 Reasons Fathers are Exhausted

Let’s be honest, most of us think of mothers when we’re talking about sleep-deprived parents, but studies have shown that it’s actually fathers missing out on sleep more often, especially when caring for newborn babies. Just think about all of the things Dad does for his family and the multiple roles that he plays on any given day, and you’ll start to get a better idea of what has fathers so tired.
  1. Working hard as Mr. Fix It – Fathers usually serve as both the household maintenance man and mechanic, making sure that everything is running in tip-top shape, whether it’s the toilet or the family SUV.
  2. Mastering his backyard domain – Dads also keep up with lawn care, plan family cookouts, and construct jungle gyms for their little ones – mostly in the highest temps of the summer months.
  3. Running ragged as a personal chauffeur – Kids have school and extracurricular activities, and then there’s the annual family road trip, of course. Almost 100% of the time, Dad’s behind the wheel on these excursions.
  4. Serving as Head Playmate – When it comes time for wrestling, play fighting, or piggyback rides, what kid doesn’t turn to Dad? It’s practically a universal rule to seek out fathers for energy-draining tickle fights or water balloon battles.
  5. Keeping everyone safe – Fathers constantly worry about their families. From making sure that the car has enough gas to double-checking the door locks at night, Dad is always on top of keeping his loved ones secure and protected.
And all of this is on top of him helping to bring home the bacon! Poor Dad can’t seem to get a moment to himself, even if it’s just to read the newspaper or watch one of his favorite sporting events on TV.

Super Simple Ways to Show Dad You Care

Whether it’s something as simple as a handmade card or coupon book from the kids, or as in-depth as planning a full-blown “King for the Day” celebration, any Dad is sure to love special efforts put into the holiday that’s dedicated just to him. Here are some easy (and mostly free!) ways to show Dad you care this Father’s Day.

Declare a Day of Peace and Quiet

For most fathers, peace and quiet around the house is a rare occurrence, which makes it even more precious to them. Give Dad what he really wants this Father’s Day by instituting a day of quiet. This means no fighting kids, loud music, or any other of the usual distractions. Just some peaceful time for Dad to be able to do whatever it is he chooses, whether that’s reading, watching TV, or taking part in a favorite hobby.

Remove Any and All Fatherly Duties

Does the Dad in your life feel like there are more things to be done than there are hours in the day? Give him a break by taking over all of the chores on Father’s Day. Have the kids take care of walking the dog, getting the newspaper, and cutting the lawn. They can even get creative by making up a Chore Coupon Book to present to Dad, which contains free passes for completing the duties that Dad seems to dislike the most - or even blank ones that can be filled in on the fly. If all of the chores that Dad usually tackles are taken off of his plate, he’ll have more time to rest and relax, and he’ll have the added bonus of being able to sit back and watch the kids handle themselves like little adults, making his special day all the more memorable.

Surprise Dad with a Clean Workspace

One thing most fathers have in common is a garage, shed, or basement that’s overflowing with tools and supplies. Why not delight Dad by cleaning and organizing his home workspace? Not only will he enjoy his workbench being clutter-free, he’ll actually be able to find what he needs the next time he has a home improvement project that needs doing.

Give Him the Gift of Sleep

If the Dad in your life is one hard working son-of-a-gun, chances are that he’s found it difficult to get the sleep he needs at least once in his life. Give Dad the chance to sleep in as late as he wants on Father’s Day. Not only will he be well-rested and feeling like a million bucks when he does get up, he’ll be ready to tackle any plans that you’ve made to celebrate Father’s Day.

Help Him Keep a Cool Head

Many fathers work out in the heat, whether it’s for their profession or just tackling outdoor chores at home. Help Dad cool down during the summer months by turning your backyard into a refreshing oasis, even if you don’t have a swimming pool. You can set up misters or sprinklers next to lawn chairs that will have Dad feeling as if he’s on a tropical vacation, without ever leaving the house!

Give Dad Total Control of the Remote

Let’s be honest – almost all of us are guilty of taking over the remote when watching TV with Dad. On Father’s Day, give him back control of the remote and let him watch whatever he wants. And yes, that even means the PGA Tour coverage! If you want to throw in a bonus, put the kids on “snack patrol” and have them bring Dad his favorite things to munch on while he watches the TV shows of his choice.

Serve His Favorite Meals

Speaking of letting Dad do what he wants, putting his favorites on the menu for each meal of the day is a great way to show him how much you care about him. You can start by serving him a hearty breakfast while still in bed, and then have the kids take his order for lunch and dinner, as well. You can also make his favorite cookies or brownies to give him something to enjoy into the rest of his week, which will show him that you’ve put extra thought into celebrating his special day, even after it’s officially over.

Build a Custom Gift Basket

It might seem like gift baskets are a boring choice for a Father’s Day gift, but when you put one together just for Dad, it shows him how well you know him and that you’re putting extra effort into what you give him. Grab a nice basket or box, throw in Dad’s favorite candy, a new coffee mug, some of the snacks that you know he loves, and maybe even a video game or gift card or two. Then wrap it all up with a bow and present it to Dad for a gift that he’s guaranteed to enjoy.

Make a Memory Collage

If you’re on a tight budget or want to give Dad something that’s obviously from the heart, you and the kids can collect some of his favorite pictures of the family and make him a special photo collage of memories. Whether you glue some pics to a poster board or make him a personalized frame with all of the collected images, Dad is sure to love the time, thought, and effort that went into his family creating his very own memory collage.

Whip Up Some Homemade Shaving Cream

Want to give Dad something that will remind him of how much he’s loved, every single day? An easy and creative (but also super useful) choice is homemade shaving cream, made from simple ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil, especially if Dad is a daily shaver or has sensitive skin.

Remind Dad of What Makes Him Special

And finally, what better way to show Dad you appreciate all that he does for his family than sharing some of your favorite memories of him? You can write them down in a card, make him a video message, or even craft him a Father’s Day poem. Just make sure to keep the focus on Dad and what makes him so special to you!

More Ways to Help Dad Enjoy His Summer

Now that you know how exhausting it is to be a father (especially while the kids are on school vacation), you might want to take a look at the following tips and hints for helping Dad master the summer months by getting the awesome sleep he needs and deserves. How to Wow Dad with the Ultimate Father’s Day Gift 7 Ways to Help Your Kids Sleep in the Summer Heat 6 Simple Sleep Tricks for Successful Summer Trips
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