The Hidden Benefits of Toddlers Ditching Naptime

The Hidden Benefits of Toddlers Ditching Naptime

Many parents live for the peace and quiet that comes along with their little one going down for a nap, and the thought of losing that small slice of golden silence during the day can cause some serious concern for what the future might hold. But what if you were to learn that there are some actual benefits to your child outgrowing the need for daytime napping? As strange as it seems, there is definitely a silver lining to no more napping. Nap-free days can bring some awesome new assets to your life…

Lower Stress Levels

After your kiddo ditches the need for napping, you will find the anxiety about when and how you are going to put them down for mid-day siestas will disappear. No more twice (or more!) daily moments of pressure to squeeze in a nap. No more having to worry about being caught out in the world with a baby or toddler that needs a nap right now. No more constant planning and prepping for a quiet place for your little one to lay down their head. In the world of parenting, we call that freedom!

Less Disappointment and Frustration

Every parent has known those moments of soul-withering letdown when you realize that the child that so obviously needs a nap isn’t going to take one. The fantasy of having an hour or so to yourself while your toddler gets some rest and cashs in on all of the benefits of napping that the childcare books talk about – better behavior, staying on track with growth rates, sleeping better during the night, etc. – never materializes and you succumb yourself to disappointment once more. Until that glorious day that you realize naps are no longer a necessity, and you thank your lucky stars for no more napping!

Earlier (and More Peaceful) Bedtimes

The lack of naps during the day will help your toddler to turn in earlier than ever before, leaving you with more free time during the evening and less worry about your kiddo wandering out into the living room to tell you that he can’t get to sleep. And there’s the added bonus of knowing that with the removal of naps, your child will get better sleep thanks to the development of his body’s circadian rhythm letting him know that it’s time to hit the hay. Ah, bedtime bliss!

Smoother Scheduling

When daytime napping is no longer a requirement, you’ll find that you can plan your day more easily, without having to worry about rushing home for naptime or hoping that your toddler doesn’t throw an “I need a nap now!” induced tantrum. Day trips and afternoons out are now a real possibility, and your days are now yours to plan once more.

Quality Quiet Time

Now that your little one no longer needs naps, you can replace that time with quiet moments of bonding. Reading, playing, or watching movies together after lunch or before dinner will become some of your most special times with your child, and with school looming in the not-so-distant future, you will be able to look back on those quiet moments as memories to be cherished. And there you have it – the hidden benefits of no more napping for your kiddo. Who knew that removing something that has been so integral to your life would actually end up adding so much more?
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