How to Be Productive Working From Home

How to Be Productive Working From Home

Many of us are working from home, collaborating through phone calls, emails, and video chats to keep ourselves safe. Working from home undoubtedly has tons of benefits, such as not having to commute to the office. That means less time sitting in traffic and more time in the comfort of your own home! However, each and every person’s experience is different. While some of us are getting way more done at home, some of us might be experiencing some difficulties being productive. Whether you’re feeling very productive or not productive enough working from home, there are a few ways we could all improve our work from home situation. Here are 6 tips on how to make the best of working from home!

Customize Your Working Environment.

Your environment can subtly affect your mood and therefore your productivity. For example, some people are more productive and happy in a clean, quiet environment while others may prefer clutter and background noise. Pay attention to your surroundings and make sure everything is arranged in a way that keeps your head clear and your motivation up. If the sight of succulent plants is refreshing in a way that pushes you to work smart, buy some and set them on your desk. Move any distracting elements away from your work environment.

Set Boundaries With Anyone That Might Distract You.

Do you live with other humans or pets? Discuss with them how they can best move about their day without distracting you. If you have a hard time working with them nearby, let them know. If they’re interrupting you too much, let them know. If you’d like them to motivate you every once in a while by tagging you in memes, let them know. Do you have pets roaming around your home? Figure out a way to keep the cat from crawling on your keyboard, even if it means putting up a literal gate.

Don’t Forget Work-Life Balance.

Working from home can easily lead to overworking yourself. How? Since you’re already home, you won’t have as many incentives to stop working. Remember how in the office, the thought of the cake in your fridge was enough to drag you away from working another hour and motivate you to come home? Now you can just get up and go to the kitchen, then back to the computer to work another two hours. Overwork can lead to mental and physical depletion. Even if it seems necessary and hardworking in the short-term, consistent overwork will hurt your work overall. Just like how you would be in the office, don’t forget to take a lunch break and small breaks throughout the day!

Get Plenty of Sleep. Quality Sleep!

Getting enough quality sleep is undoubtedly SO important not just for being productive, but also for your overall health and wellbeing. When you get the sleep you deserve, you’ll be in a better mood, have higher productivity, and heightened focus. Are you in need of upgrading your sleep, but don’t know where to start? Something guaranteed to give you better sleep is a quality mattress. Check out Lull: Lull Mattresses are made with 3 layers of the highest quality foam, crafted with cooling technology, and guarantee durability so you don’t have to lose sleep over finding your new favorite mattress.

Go Outside.

It’s great to not have a commute, but now you may be missing out on the sunlight and fresh air you got on your way to the office. This is the main form of daily physical activity for a lot of people. Even if you’re sweating it out to every YouTube home workout at home, going outside can still make a difference in your overall productivity and happiness. Go for a walk, run, or hike if you’re in the mood for a challenge. Use that extra time from not commuting to get in shape while enjoying the benefits of the sun! Don’t forget a mask and SPF.

Stay in Touch With Friends and Family.

Talking to your loved ones can help you stay motivated, happy, and energized. Even though parties aren’t exactly a safe option right now, you can still stay in touch with your friends. If group video chats aren’t your thing, don’t hesitate to check in with your friends and family through messaging. Reply to their Instagram stories and comment on their photos. Show the people you love that you’re there for them and they’ll do the same. While staying in touch with family and friends, you might discover new perspectives to effectively working from home you might not have heard before. Communication will open up different kinds of ideas you may have considered before, such as a motivational YouTube channel or Instagram page. With all the benefits that working from home can bring, it’s important that you make the best of it! Each individual’s situation is different, so your best friend’s strategies may not work for you. Be honest with yourself and figure out your style. Who knows, maybe just a small change can make a big difference!
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