How to Nail the First Day Back at School

How to Nail the First Day Back at School

First day back to school. You knew it was coming, but you can’t deny you’re still kind of freaking out. After a summer of doing nothing all day, and getting endless hours of sleep, the very idea of going back to school has faded into the background. Going back to school can evoke all kinds of emotions, anywhere from excitement and joy for some, to fear and nervousness for others. With the hustle and bustle that comes along with the first day of classes, stressors can be found anywhere. Regardless if it’s your first day of 8th grade or your first day of college courses, we all know the feeling of those first-day jitters all too well. Truly, it all comes down to feeling prepared, feeling like you’ve totally got this, which for some is a feeling harder to achieve than others. However you’re feeling about the highly anticipated first day, here are some tips that’ll help you relieve those nerves, and absolutely nail your first day back:

Get Ahead of your Course-Work

If your teachers email you their syllabus beforehand, or if you have access to them, take the time and read through the syllabi for your courses. If you’re taking a class you’re nervous about or even just interested in, do some light research on your class topic. You’ll not only feel ahead of your studies and peers but having this kind of confidence on your first day of classes can really help set the tone for the rest of the year. You can come back to school feeling like a total genius.

Know your class schedule

This tip is a no-brainer: knowing your schedule before going into your first class can help keep your head on straight when going between classes. Make sure to know the general area of your classrooms, and know which classes come after the next so you’re prepared for each one. The last thing you want to do is walk into what you thought was your physics course to find out it’s actually Ancient Egyptian History 101… so awkward.

Plan your outfit ahead

This tip is not just for the fashionistas, anyone can benefit from it! Take some time the night before your first day to plan an outfit that’s comfortable, and gives a look into who you are. Planning your outfit the night before can save you extra time in the morning, meaning less stress, and wearing something that speaks to your personality can give you that extra boost of confidence when walking in on your first day.

Plan healthy meals for the day

Your doctor has probably told you, but the best way to start out your day is with a healthy breakfast. Studies show that a proper diet helps with brain functionality, energy, and overall physical health. Giving yourself proper nutrients upon waking up is the best way to feel alert and get your brain working. But don’t let it stop there, plan a healthy lunch to keep the energy going throughout the day. When in doubt, remember to stick to proteins, fruits, and vegetables!

Get ahead of your sleep

One of the biggest issues facing students today is sleep deprivation. Research has shown that sleep is vital in keeping your mental and physical health in check, as well as maintaining your GPA. Make sure to invest in a high-quality mattress and pillows that’ll be sure to give you the best possible sleep, and will help get you to bed at a reasonable time. Kickstart a healthy sleep schedule by getting a minimum of 8 hours before your first day. Come to school with a well-rested and clear mind so you’re ready to learn! Stress a little less this back to school season: with these quick tips you’ll take on your first day like a pro.
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