7 Of the Best Ways to Celebrate Labor Day 2020

7 Of the Best Ways to Celebrate Labor Day 2020

Happy September! The weather’s cooling down, the leaves are changing color, and pumpkin-spiced desserts are making their way to your local grocery store. If you need an occasion to celebrate the changing seasons, Labor Day is this weekend and we’re already looking forward to celebrating it with our family and friends -- with safety precautions, of course. What is Labor Day, though? The September holiday has been around for quite a while now, having been designated as a national holiday since 1894 with celebrations dating back to 1882. Labor Day celebrates our labor unions and working people, giving them a day off between Independence Day and Thanksgiving to kick back and relax. Labor unions are what gave us the right to have lunch breaks and paid vacations, so it’s no wonder why they deserve a hearty celebration every year. Aside from celebrating these contributions to worker well-being, Labor Day is also known as a celebration for the end of summer. You’re probably used to seeing parades and parties, but in 2020, we’ll need to find safer ways to have fun. Here are 7 fun and safe ways you can celebrate Labor Day 2020:

Have a Picnic in the Park or Your Backyard

Look for a park that isn’t filled with crowds, ideally one with picnic tables or some nice, shaded grass to lay on. Have your guests bring their own food and enjoy the cooled-down sun. If you decide to stay in your backyard, you’ll have some fun there too! In fact, the closer you are to home, the easier it’ll be to use what you’ve got as entertainment, such as playing board games, music, etc.. It’ll be easier to bring out any fancy dishes without worrying they’ll be harmed in transit.

Get Your Tent Out and Go Camping

Camping (with your household or a few friends) is a more adventurous but still a relatively safe activity. Not in the mood to travel too far from home? Set up a tent in your backyard and pretend you’re roughing it out in the wilderness. This way, you can stargaze and enjoy the night breeze with easy access to clean bathrooms and the snacks in your kitchen.

Go for a Hike

Celebrate this American holiday by admiring our country’s beautiful landscapes. Add this onto your camping trip for some extra adventure or do it as its own activity. If you’re down for a physical challenge, look for a hiking trail, put on your gym clothes, and get out to nature’s gym.

Have an Arts and Crafts Session

Celebrate this long weekend by making some creative arts and crafts! You can host a group session in your backyard or just enjoy some time to yourself. Gather enough supplies for everyone involved and have a plan for what you’re all going to make. Make sure you thoroughly understand how to make something before teaching others -- you don’t want your session to be fraught with confusion! A group crafts section is also a great activity to have right before or after a picnic!

Make Some Summery Drinks and Recipes

Celebrate the end of summer by making some recipes we typically associate with summer, such as strawberry lemonade and watermelon frosé. You can still continue to enjoy these delicious recipes, but they’re a perfect fit for the occasion this weekend.

Have an Outdoor Movie Night or Go to a Drive-In

Movie theaters may be closed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the movies with your friends or family. Set up a projector and a screen outside, then get creative with the decorations. Add seating, lighting, and a little concession stand to make the event more official. Drive-in theaters are still open, which means plenty of safe distance from other moviegoers and all the room for the snacks you want! You can search for a list of drive-in theaters near you here.

Enjoy a Great Night’s Sleep

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