Is a Lack of Sleep Destroying Your Relationship?

Is a Lack of Sleep Destroying Your Relationship?

In a perfect world, we would all get enough sleep every night and wake up without the need for caffeine. We would buzz about our days like busy little bees with smiles on our faces and happy attitudes. The unfortunate reality is that typically isn’t the case. There are a lot of things that affect our ability to get great sleep. And the signs of sleep deprivation are everywhere. When you deal with a lack of sleep, it usually means that something else is wrong somewhere in your life. Besides creating health problems, not getting enough sleep can also cause a whole host of problems in your relationship. From being too tired to think straight to grumpy mornings, the simple truth is a good night’s sleep is a key part of a healthy relationship. Keep on reading to learn why a lack of sleep could be damaging your relationship...

Sleep Loss Makes You Ungrateful

At the core of every relationship is the thanks you give. Recognizing that your partner loaded the dishwasher for you makes them feel valued. If you don’t appreciate them, they’ll stop doing the things you appreciate. Plain and simple. It’s already hard enough to notice what other people do for us, but when we don’t get enough sleep, it becomes even harder. Studies have shown that a lack of sleep reduces your feelings of gratitude. Even if only one partner is sleep deprived, it can influence the other partner’s thankfulness, as well. Sleep, or lack thereof, is a powerful tool for both sides of a relationship.

Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Decisions

If you’re deprived of sleep, you’ll make horrible decisions. Simple as that. Whether you know it or not, you make decisions about your relationships every day. Should your parents meet him? What should you have for dinner on Saturday night? These decisions seem easy, but they’re much harder when you’re tired. You need a sharp sense of awareness and an ability to think through the consequences when making decisions. Sleep deprivation impairs your ability to tell the difference between good and bad. And that means you could very quickly make the wrong choices in your relationship.

Sleep Loss Can Make You Sick

When your body is tired, your immune system can’t fight off infection or illness the way it should. When you get sick, if you don’t rest, your body won’t recover as quickly. That means you miss work, cancel plans, and can’t take care of your family. All of these things have consequences for your relationship. Over time, the more you miss due to illness, the more frustrated your partner will become. And that puts unnecessary strain on your relationship.

Sleep Deprivation Makes You Irritable

Unfortunately, fighting with your partner is a common result of not getting enough sleep. That’s because a lack of sleep makes you irritable, which sets you up for fights about anything and everything. It’s only normal that you’ll fight sometimes, but a lack of sleep can blow your disagreements way out of proportion. Not only that, if you don’t sleep well, you’ll be less happy overall. If you’re losing out on restorative sleep, you just might miss out on the simple joys of life.

Sleep Loss is a Romance Killer

When you and your partner have different sleep schedules, it can put a serious strain on your relationship. And we’re not just talking about a lack of sleep here. We’re also talking about a lack of romance. Sleeping next to one another (and other intimate bedroom activities) helps to boost your emotional wellbeing. And that will help keep your relationship going strong. Worried that your relationship is losing its spark? Try creating a bedtime schedule that ensures you spend enough time together at the end of the day. It may not seem romantic to pencil in your partner, but prioritizing that time together on a regular basis will do wonders for your relationship.

Better Sleep = Better Relationships

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