How to Make the Most Out of Cyber Monday

How to Make the Most Out of Cyber Monday

With Black Friday gone, don’t let the momentum die down because Cyber Monday is now here! If you didn’t get the chance to fully take advantage of all that Black Friday has to offer, don't fret because the Cyber Monday deals are rolling in. Following the weekend after Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday is the best time to shop from the comfort of your own home. Prompted by the rise in ecommerce sites and internet usage, since the early 2000s the savings have taken to the online space, keeping the holiday shopping madness going! While Black Friday and Cyber Monday may seem very similar in nature, you may be asking yourself: well, what really is the difference between the two? And how can I prepare for this day of online shopping? Look no further, because we’ll give you everything you need to know about Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday vs. Black Friday

Black Friday became what it is today due to the fact that since it is a day off for most, it proved to be the perfect time to have a head start on holiday shopping. With this, retailers began creating sales to prompt more customers coming in. Later, with the rise of online shopping, Cyber Monday came along offering customers a new opportunity to save. Black Friday began typically as retail, whereas Cyber Monday dealt with more ecommerce sites. People would hit the stores on Black Friday, and then venture to the cyberspace for Cyber Monday’s deals. However, as time went on, many of the deals of Black Friday have found their way online, but Cyber Monday remains the same. Cyber Monday offers many new deals, or some that carry over from Black Friday. Cyber Monday is perfect for the shopper that prefers not to deal with the madness of retail stores in the holiday season. In order to make the most of your Cyber Monday, here are some tips you should know:

Look to Last Year’s Sales

Before shopping online, take some time to look back on last year’s sales. Doing this can help you figure out which stores are most likely to have the best deals again. With this information, you can begin to compile a tentative shopping list knowing which products will likely be on sale.

Bookmark Your Favorite Sites and Follow Retailer Social Media Accounts

Looking for gifts for each family member or loved one? There might be a lot of sites you’ll need to venture to. Don’t lose track of these sites, and instead be sure to bookmark them. To go even further, find the social media accounts of retailers or online stores you like. This will be the best way to stay up to date with deals, and keep track of each store you wish to buy from. If you’re looking for products that will improve your sleep and way of life, be sure to follow @lullbed on Instagram to get insight about our exclusive Cyber Monday sale!

Be Familiar With Shipping and Return Policies

As Cyber Monday is all online, it’s crucial to know each store’s shipping and return policies. You don’t want your gifts coming in too late, or the chance of not being able to return an item you end up not liking, so this one is important. If you're looking to give the gift of great sleep this year, Lull has your back. With quick shipping and a 100 night risk-free trial, great sleep is guaranteed. Keep the Momentum Going Don’t blow everything at once on Black Friday, keep the momentum going! We know Black Friday can be tiring, but give yourself the weekend to relax so you’re ready to take on Cyber Monday. If you didn’t have a chance to take advantage of Lull’s huge Black Friday sale, the same deals are back for a limited time! You can still get $150 off any mattress. Take full advantage of all Cyber Monday has to offer! You’ll be sure to be on top of your holiday shopping this year with these tips!
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