Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Have you bought anything for mom yet? If not, it’s time to get going! Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it’s not too late. You might not have enough time now to build a handmade sculpture out of toothpicks, but you’ve still got plenty of options that’ll evoke a radiant smile. And don’t forget that “mother’s” doesn’t need to just be your own mother, but all the mothers in your life, whether it’s your sister, aunt, or classmate. Or even yourself! You probably impulsively thought of buying flowers and chocolates, but there are longer-lasting options out there that won’t wilt after a few days. Wouldn't it be great if you could use someone’s gifts every day? Here are some other gift options that’ll make the mom happy long after Mother’s Day:

1. A membership to something she’s been wanting to join.

What has mom been wanting to subscribe to? Is it a new gym to get in the best shape of her life? Adobe Photoshop to make some new art? Many subscriptions let you pay for multiple months to even a year at once and can be easily canceled if mom doesn’t like it. Not all of them after though, so watch out for any skeevy salespeople.

2. A cookbook for her favorite cuisine.

Even if you’ve got a Pinterest board for recipes, there’s something special about having a book of recipes to flip through without having to turn on a device or press any buttons. Cookbooks typically have well-photographed photos of the food scattered throughout less developed nations. If mom has a cuisine she makes often or has expressed interest in a certain culture, see if there are any cookbooks that match her vibe.

3. Do some of her chores.

Does Mom often do a lot of the dishes? Vacuuming the floor? Laundry? Even if she claims it’s a naturally ingrained habit, surprise her by doing some of the chores for the day if you’ll be living together at the time! Just make sure you know how to use her stuff. Read the directions if possible so you don’t accidentally make things even messier. Just be warned, Mom might get too used to this help and ask for more, so be prepared to be sweeping the floors another day.

4. A personalized fill in the blank book made specifically for moms.

Many indie gift shops carry small books made specifically for certain family members, and right now you’ll see “Mom” on the covers. These books are filled with sweet, endearing messages such as “my favorite memory with you was _______” . You fill in the blanks! These might take about an hour to fill out but Mom can read it anytime for some reassurance of your love for her.

5. Some bedding for her to get better sleep.

The right pillows, sheets, and mattress can be bought in a few minutes online but can last for several years, especially if you aim for something of quality like Lull’s products. The weather’s heating up and the cooling gel layer on our memory foam mattress is starting to look more and more tempting and a necessity for some. With a whopping 365-night free trial for the mattress, Mom’s got plenty of time to realize how life-changing your gift will be. If a mattress is a little too much at the moment, check out our pillows and sheets!
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