Why You Need a Lazy Labor Day This Year

Why You Need a Lazy Labor Day This Year

If you don’t have any elaborate plans, Labor Day could have you feeling some serious FOMO, and none of us like to feel as if we’re missing out, right? But before you start beating yourself up for not planning to spend the holiday having fun in the sun, do yourself a favor and remember that Labor Day is all about rewarding ourselves for our hard work. And since it’s a holiday geared toward resting and relaxing after working hard the rest of the year, we’re here to tell you that it’s not only 100% acceptable to do absolutely nothing, but we also thought it might be fun to focus on ways to celebrate Labor Day indoors, recharging your battery. Making plans that keep you in the AC (instead of out at a parade or on an overcrowded beach) means you can actually take time off on your day off, and that’s pretty much the new American Dream, what with our ability to marathon our favorite shows and get almost any type of food delivered right to the front door.

Why Labor Day Should Be a Labor-Free Holiday

You should feel zero guilt about staying indoors while others are at backyard barbeques, making awkward conversation, and doing their best to balance paper plates of food and not suffer from heatstroke during the holiday weekend. But why is it that your Labor Day plans should involve your couch and not socializing with friends and coworkers? To put it simply, you’ve had a hard enough summer, what with family trips and vacations, making improvements around the house, and dealing with the oppressive heat. There’s no reason why the unofficial end of summer should signal even more of the same type of commitments. In fact, we’re here to give you the permission to take a well-deserved break before the obligations that come along with fall get started. Still not convinced that your Labor Day should be labor-free? What if we told you that the Harvard Business Review has found you’re probably not relaxing enough on a regular basis? Their research has shown that American adults are overworked from seeing physical, mental, and emotional burnout as a status symbol. Not good! Working too hard and not taking the time to relax can lead to insomnia, poor physical and mental health, and even emotional breakdowns. By now you should be starting to see the importance of penciling some relaxation time into your busy schedule.

7 Ways to Celebrate Labor Day in the AC

In case you’ve forgotten how to unwind and do nothing, we’ve gathered up some easy ways for you to celebrate Labor Day with some quality me-time, all while staying indoors in the comfort of your comfy air-conditioned home.

1. Relax with Your Favorite Streaming Service

Life can keep you so busy that you miss out on new episodes of hit shows like Orange is the New Black on Netflix or The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu. Nobody likes having to try and avoid spoiler alerts at the office! Reward yourself this Labor Day with some time in your most comfortable pants, curled up on the couch with some delicious munchies, and let the series marathoning begin.

2. Spend Some Time with a Good Book

If you want to spend some time totally unplugged, why not put down the electronic devices and pick up the paperback bestseller that you’ve been meaning to read all summer? Not only will you love the delightful new-book smell, you’ll be able to wave goodbye to real-world troubles, and slip into the world of make-believe for total stress relief, all without getting up from your favorite chair.

3. Pamper Yourself with a Day of Self-Care

Can’t remember the last time you spent an entire day dedicated to taking care of yourself? It’s time for a refreshing change by placing your focus solely on yourself with a soak in a bubble bath, giving yourself a rubdown with a new tube of moisturizer, or simply playing some relaxing music and just closing your eyes. No matter how you choose to pamper yourself, just remember to breathe!

4. Cash-In on Online Labor Day Sales

If you love a good deal but hate jam-packed stores, do yourself a favor and spend some time couchsurfing the best Labor Day sales online. There’s no need for you to miss out on saving money on that new appliance, electronic device, or whatever else you might have had your eye on, just because you don’t want to get out of your pajamas. Don’t forget that you’re celebrating the one holiday that’s dedicated to you rewarding yourself for all of your hard work.

5. Do a Bit of Decluttering

Many people find cleaning to be a meditative experience. And let’s face it, chances are that your home is a bit neglected in favor of the other items on your to-do list. Spend the morning tidying up around the house and then enjoy the rest of your Labor Day relaxing in a spic-and-span living space. You’ll love the Zen vibe of a decluttered home and still have plenty of time to do nothing during the rest of your holiday. Bonus!

6. Call in Your Crew for a Game Night

If you spent your morning and afternoon relaxing, you might want to get in a little bit of socializing in the evening, without having to deal with the heat or crowds that come with outdoor Labor Day celebrations. Find a happy medium by dusting off your game boards and inviting your friends over for an at-home game night. You just might be surprised by how much you all enjoy an evening of old-fashioned face-to-face time (no app needed!)

7. Catch Up on Some Much-Needed Sleep

Feeling totally exhausted and want to get the most out of your Labor Day staycation? It might be time to put everything to the side and spend the day catching some Z’s. You might even want to take advantage of a Labor Day sale and save big on a premium mattress that will give you the sweetest of dreams, have you waking up feeling more refreshed, and help you prep for the trials of the upcoming holiday season.

7 Labor Day Staycation Ideas for Kids

If you’re spending your Labor Day with a house full of kids, don’t feel as if you need to pack up the car and head out for an epic day of outdoor activities. And truth be told, kids need regular rest and relaxation time too. Take a look at the following fun ways for your kiddos to spend Labor Day in the cool comfort of home – no sunscreen required!

1. Day at the (Living Room) Beach

Just because you want to avoid the sweltering, sandy mess that is a trip to the beach this Labor Day, doesn’t mean you can’t bring the fun of the seaside to your kids, right in the comfort of your living room. Transform the space by spreading out beach towels, setting up lounge chairs, and having your little artists paint seascapes on poster board.

2. Danger-Free Construction Zone

Many children are fascinated by construction sites but you’ve drilled into their heads that they’re too dangerous for making a visit. And rightfully so! But why not use this labor-themed holiday to bring a fun-filled (and danger-free) construction zone into your home? Put those empty boxes we all have laying around to good use by having your kids construct their own fortress, skyscraper, or other architectural masterpiece.

3. At-Home Summer Storytime

You don’t have to pack the kids up for a sweaty drive to the local library to have them be able to enjoy a good story. Gather some chairs into a circle, have your kiddos pick some of their favorite books, and spend the day in the world of make-believe! You can even have them act out the stories to help them get some of that extra energy out in a constructive way, without sending them outside to swelter in the heat.

4. Sail Away Without Leaving Home

Looking for a way for your little ones to cool off, without leaving the house? You can have them imagine their way into a position as a ship’s captain by sailing some toy boats, simply by having them pretend that the bathtub or kitchen sink is a raging river, swelling sea, or even a body of water on another planet!

5. Try a Game of Career Charades

Stick with the meaning of the holiday by starting a game of charades based on different types of jobs that your children are interested in portraying. You can even have them write down the careers to be acted out and then draw them from a hat. Help them to really unlock their creativity by giving them a set time to find an outfit for dressing up as a doctor, race car driver, or whatever other career-based costume they can dream up.

6. Create Labor-Themed Crafts

Gather up some art supplies and have your kiddos create representations of some of our country’s hardest working laborers. They can scribble, paint, or make a collage of teachers, firefighters, construction workers, or any other type of job that fascinates them, and they can even make puppets and act out what it is they think their chosen worker does while on the job.

7. Make a Dream Job Vision Board

Want to help your kids prepare for the future and keep them occupied in the AC this Labor Day? Try having them gather up some old magazines, markers, and other art supplies to create a Vision Board based upon what they want to be when they grow up. This is a great way to educate as you entertain, and your child can really let their imaginations run wild. You just might be surprised by what they come up with! All of these Labor Day staycation ideas are sure to keep your little ones happily busy and also help them to remember that the holiday is all about honoring the laborers in our society. And as a bonus, they’re great ways to spend some relaxing quality time with your kids and also help to keep them on a successful sleep schedule for the new school year. If that doesn’t sound better than a day out in the heat, we’re not sure what else does!

Even More Ways to Relax and Get Some Rest

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