8 Safe Ways to Celebrate New Years Eve in 2020

8 Safe Ways to Celebrate New Years Eve in 2020

New Year's Eve is typically associated with confetti, booming dance floors, glittery attire, and the roar of the countdown during those final seconds of the year. With such an unprecedented year coming to an end, it can be tempting to gather at a friend’s house and recreate 2019’s dance parties. However, many of us are staying safe and are ending 2020 on a quieter note. No dancefloors or mass countdowns this year, just our TVs, computers, a sparkly outfit and home decor, and maybe a confetti popper or two. Being festive isn’t completely out of the question. The famous New York City ball drop countdown is still happening this year, just without an in-person crowd: they’ll mostly be watching and celebrating from their living rooms, champagne glasses in hand. Here are 8 ways to liven up the ending to this tumultuous, unprecedented year and ways to stay safe throughout the next one:

Decorate your home like the parties you’d typically attend.

If you can’t go to the parties, you can bring (some of) the parties to you. Remember the decor of the club in 2019 or the party on your Instagram feed you wish you could have been at? See if you can replicate any of its aesthetic for less, and with anything you have laying around the house.

Host a virtual party and countdown.

You may not be clinking champagne glasses with your friends this year, but you can still raise them over video chat after reminiscing together what happened this year. To keep up a party spirit, focus on this year’s positives -- not just your own life events, but those of others as well.

Reminisce and share how your life changed.

What benefits did you gain from staying at home more often? Did you learn any new skills or pick up any hobbies? Write them down and share them at your virtual party. For a demonstration, take advantage of screen sharing options and show off your new skills!

Play some virtual games.

The proliferation of virtual parties hasn’t been complete without virtual games. For example, you can start your virtual party with a card game then ease into a trivia game as midnight draws closer.

Mix your own cocktails.

One thing we’re missing from bars are unique, tasty drinks with rare foreign ingredients that make you sound sophisticated if you can pronounce them correctly. While you may not be able to find every ingredient for yourself, you can still whip up custom cocktails with ingredients you may already have.

Make a festive dinner.

This may not be a typical New Year’s Eve rite, but neither has this entire year. If you’ve been dieting, end the year with a bang...of deliciousness. Here are some fancy dishes to dine on while watching the ball drop or your friend’s newfound guitar skills over video chat.

Pop confetti and blare some noisemakers at midnight.

Even if you won’t be surrounded by hundreds of partygoers doing the same thing, a little noise (that won’t disturb any neighbors) can bring home a little New Year excitement.

Get a good night’s sleep to start the year off well-rested.

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