Productive Slumber: How to Be Inspired While You Sleep

Productive Slumber: How to Be Inspired While You Sleep

Some of the greatest minds of all time have come up with their life-changing inventions or ideas while they were fast asleep – they dreamed of an amazing concept, and they grabbed it when they woke up. Both the periodic table and the construction of DNA were discovered in dream land. As were the premise of the speed of light, and the sewing needle. Dream land has given us some great stuff! Recent research done at the University of California, San Diego has shown that the neurons in the brain are reorganized during sleep, which allows us to see solutions to some of the obstacles that we face during the day. It was discovered that sleep improves our ability to solve problems creatively by helping our brains to recognize connections between seemingly unrelated memories and ideas. The rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleep was shown to work better than any other state of being, whether conscious or not, when it comes to the fostering of creative thought. And according to scientists and sleep experts, you don’t have to be Albert Einstein to benefit from the inspirations and problem-solving realizations that come along with dreaming. So how can you cash in on being productive and creative in your sleep, as well? By following these simple tips that will help you see inspiration and answers in your dreams, instead of just random stories.

Sleep on It

Chances are that you’ve heard someone say that they are going to “sleep on it” when it comes to making a big decision. Scientists have proven that this is more than just a popular saying – it’s smart thinking. When you’re grappling with a problem or tough choice, research has proven that your best bet is to allow yourself an “incubation period” in which to mull things over. And doing this while you sleep is not only efficient but fruitful, as well. Before you lay down for the night, tell yourself that you’re going to work on this problem while you sleep. Taking this extra step of speaking to your subconscious self will often result in you waking up to an epiphany – along with a solution to your problem.

Write It Down

You can also take enlightenment while sleeping one step further by keeping a dream journal next to your bed to write down what you need to ponder in dream land, as well as whatever answers that you might have waiting for you when you wake up. Before drifting off to sleep, ask yourself in what area of your life you need guidance or what question you need answered, and then write it down in your dream journal. This helps you to get the problem off of your mind and prepare you to tackle it while you sleep.

Let It Sink In

When you wake up, don’t just jump out of bed and get your day started. Stay where you are and allow yourself to take part in some quality “dream recall.” Keep your body relaxed and help your mind to focus on what went on in your dreams by taking some slow, deep breaths. Once your dreams start coming back to you, grab your dream journal and write down what you can recall – even if it’s just one image or impression. Taking the time to think about what your brain served up to you while you slept will help you to find the solution or inspiration that you’re looking for. By focusing on what your mind has to tell you during REM sleep, as well as practicing dream recall when you wake up, you’ll be able to recognize the hidden meaning and messages that lie beneath the surface of the chaos of your waking life. You’ll be amazed by how inspired and productive you can be while you sleep!
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