3 Signs That Your Mattress is the Problem

Written by: Lull Team



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1. You wake up with aches & pains. Aches & pains get blamed on a ton of different activities. Your Thursday night softball league. Holding your toddler all day. Sitting at your desk too long. What about your mattress? The typical mattress is designed to be a flat surface that is equally supportive in all areas – since your body has curves & joints (not perfectly flat surfaces), this type of mattress applies too much pressure in certain areas causing hot spots & joint pain in the morning. Other mattresses are designed to completely contour to your body, providing not enough support, forcing your muscles to work for a healthy posture while you sleep. How can I tell? Stretch in the morning for 15 minutes. If your aches & pains go away, then you can probably blame your mattress.

2. You toss & turn before sleep. For some, finding a position to relax is 75% of the battle. While there are other factors involved, having a mattress that suits your ideal sleep position is important. Back sleepers – If you like sleeping on your back, but your mattress is too firm or has begun to form a valley, you’ll feel like your back is attacking you, too soft and you’ll feel like you’re sinking in quicksand. Side & stomach sleepers – A mattress that is too firm will certainly lead to problems since your joints naturally would like to sink slightly into the cushion of your mattress. A mattress that is too soft will lead to spine issues over time and expensive chiropractic bills. 3. You sleep better on your couch When you can’t sleep, do you search for other sleeping surfaces? If it’s easier for you to fall asleep on the couch watching TV than in your bed, it’s time to upgrade to a better mattress. On a similar note, do you crave the feeling of sleeping in a hotel bed or in a friend’s guest bedroom? Maybe it’s time you had that feeling every night.