The Link Between Sleep and Work Performance

The Link Between Sleep and Work Performance

Ever endured the agony of powering through an entire workday running on 4 hours of sleep and three mugs of coffee? Many of us have, and it’s not a pretty sight. Exhaustion aside, working while sleep deprived can have plenty of consequences that can last longer than those workday hours. We can’t tout the benefits of getting a good night’s sleep enough on this blog. A full eight hours of sleep can instantly spark heightened productivity and focus from the moment we roll out of bed. Inversely, not getting enough sleep can drain our overall vibe down to the negatives. If our profession exerts plenty of impact on other people’s lives, this can cause a lot of trouble outside the office. Here are 5 ways that not getting enough sleep can make it more difficult to be employee of the month and hinder your career progress:

1. Lower productivity.

Sleep deprivation can dampen our focus and motor skills. Consequently, it’s no surprise that our productivity would take a hit. It’s much easier to write a 3-page blog post wide awake and entirely focused rather than feeling like taking a nap after every other paragraph.

2. Increased stress.

Sleep deprivation has been linked to increased cortisol levels, the hormone whose amount positively correlates with stress levels. If your job is already stress-inducing enough, this will amplify your pain. That means stressful moments like the printer jamming or being nagged by a difficult coworker will hurt more than usual.

3. Make companies lose money.

When the consequences go far enough, the harm can actually be measured with concrete numbers. The lost productivity from sleep deprivation can cost around $1967 per employee, which piles up to billions of dollars throughout the US.

4. Interfere with interpersonal skills.

Watercooler chats and lunch with some work buddies can be a refresher throughout all your hard work, so make the most of them! Even if you’re on the more extroverted end of the spectrum, being tired can inhibit our social skills and our willingness to interact with others. The harder you are to talk to, the less likely your coworkers are to share their life-changing productivity tips with you.

5. Increase the chances of making mistakes.

When you’re less focused, it’s much easier to accidentally send an email to the wrong person or transpose a number on an invoice, potentially leading to a lot of trouble down the road. So save yourself the embarrassment and make sure you get to bed in time to get enough quality sleep before that morning alarm rings! One powerful way to lure you from your desk to the bedroom is a premium mattress that will give you the perfect amount of comfort and support. Luckily, Lull’s here to help make sure you get the sleep you deserve. Lull’s memory foam mattresses are guaranteed to give you your best night’s sleep while aligning your spine so you can show up to work alert, refreshed, and ready to take on the day with plenty of energy and great posture to boast. For a limited time, save $250 on any Lull Mattress with our Extended Presidents Day Sale!
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