Sleep Awareness Week: 5 Ways to Assess Your Quality of Sleep

Sleep Awareness Week: 5 Ways to Assess Your Quality of Sleep

Did you know that there’s such a thing called Sleep Awareness Week? Yes, you read that right. While all of us are certainly aware of the wonders of quality sleep, not all of us are aware of how we can improve our sleeping habits. This week serves as a nudge for us to do so. Even though we all know how satisfying it is to finally knock out after a hard day’s work, many of us aren’t aware of the full benefits of getting a good night’s sleep or the harmful consequences of not doing so. According to a survey by The Sleep Foundation, the average US adult feels tired three out of seven days a week! Here are five actions you can take this week to assess your relationship with sleep:

1. See how your diet compares.

Some foods and drinks such as dark chocolate, hummus, bananas, and chamomile tea are actually conducive to lowering anxiety, stress, and consequently falling asleep. Take a look and see how your diet compares. Which ones could you better incorporate in your diet? With a wide variety to choose from, surely there’s a few delicious options to incorporate into your regular eating habits.

2. Assess lifestyle factors that make it harder to sleep.

If you’re consistently staying up past your bedtime, are there any patterns in the reasons why? If it’s because you haven’t finished your work, consider shedding some of your workload or learning better time management skills. If you’re too physically energized, you could be consuming caffeine too late in the day. If you’re too mentally alert with stressful thoughts racing back and forth, address the root cause of this rumination. Our blog post on staying alert post Daylight Savings Time touches upon some lifestyle factors that can bog down your sleep habits.

3. Educate yourself on the importance of sleep.

Having a better scientific understanding of how the benefits of sleep can motivate you to fall asleep on time. Our blog is a collection of several short articles on every facet of sleep and is packed with tips for better sleeping. So check it out and see what tips could potentially transform your life!

4. Check out apps that can help.

Okay, we know that screens before bed are generally a bad idea, but if they’re used properly, a little screen time can actually help. There are apps that help you sleep by playing calming music or even white noise. Some guide you through meditation and breathing techniques to help you destress and unwind.

5. Explore new bedding options.

No matter how often you practice all of the above, a comfier mattress, pillows, and bedsheets will always amplify your efforts. Even if you’ve had a stressful day, resting your body on a sumptuous memory foam mattress can slowly dissolve your racing thoughts and relax your heartbeat. Premium memory foam mattresses don’t always have to break the bank. Lull knows that the world’s going to need some help sleeping well after Daylight Savings, so we’re having a $250 off sale for any size mattress! We’re at 41000+ satisfied reviews as of this March 2021, so we can be sure we’re a worthy candidate for improving your Sleep Awareness Week.
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