7 Ridiculous Facts About Sleep

7 Ridiculous Facts About Sleep

In honor of National Sleep Week, we have 7 Days of Sleep Facts to help everyone understand the in's & out's of sleep!

It’s hard work being a human! Most of us will spend a great majority of our lives curled up in bed, trying to catch up on our beauty rest. In fact, almost a third of the average life span of 75 years is spent sawing logs. That’s a whole lot of Zs!


Believe it or not, sleep is more important to your health and well-being than fueling your body with food. The average person can live up to two months without eating a single thing, but that same person wouldn’t even make it two weeks without getting some solid sack time!


If you want to live a long and healthy life, the most important thing that you can do is get the recommended eight to nine hours of sleep a night. People that get less than seven hours of restful sleep are cutting years off of their life. Yikes!


Watching your figure? Better be sure to get your beauty rest! Health experts have proven that getting less than the recommended eight hours of sleep a night can not only prevent you from losing those extra pounds, but can actually cause weight gain – as much as 2 pounds packed on in a week!


Snails may be slow, but they’re also well-rested! Biologists have found that some snails have tucked themselves away in their shell to nap for as long as three years at a stretch. Slow or not, even snails know the importance of quality sleep!


Japanese employers know the importance of sleep, and encourage their workers to nap during the business day. Sleeping is a reward for working hard, and is a way to help keep employees alert, focused, and up to the task of doing their best work.


Sea otters are some of the cutest critters out there, and they’re adorable even while they’re snoozing. Biologists have found that sea otters will pair up to sleep, and hold hands to help prevent one of the pair drifting off to sea and getting lost.

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