Sleeping with Your Dog is a Bigger Deal Than You Might Realize

Sleeping with Your Dog is a Bigger Deal Than You Might Realize

Any dog lover will be happy to sit down and tell you the many ways that their pooch has made their life better and more enjoyable. Dogs give us unconditional love in exchange for feeding and walking them, which seems like a pretty sweet deal to us! So how can we show pups our appreciation? The National Dog Day Foundation has created a special holiday for us to be able to do just that. Each year on August 26th, we’re encouraged to take some time out to recognize the value and importance of dogs. If you already have a pooch, you know why they’re considered to be our best friends. Dogs love to stick by your side and would like nothing more than to be with you every second of every day, wherever you are. But what about when it’s bedtime?

Canine Co-Sleeping Benefits

You’ve probably heard mixed messages about canine co-sleeping. You might have even heard that sleeping with your dog is out-and-out wrong. But in honor of National Dog Day, and in the hopes of helping the thousands of dogs that are waiting to be adopted right now, we’ve decided to share some good news with you… There are actually some serious benefits to sharing your bed with your furry best friend! We’re going to take a closer look at just why sleeping with your dog can be so good for your health.

A Comforting Presence

One study recently found that more than half of dog owners let their dog curl up in bed with them at night for one reason and one reason alone – they’re comforted simply by having their pooch by their side. Another survey done of pet owners found that over 40% of people feel better at the end of a hard day just by snuggling up with their four-legged BFF and those good feelings are understandably prolonged when their dog spends the night next to them. For those of us that live alone, having a canine companion nearby can make all the difference in the world at the end of the day. After all, who doesn’t enjoy being greeted enthusiastically at the front door?

Stay Warm at Night

Do you find yourself shivering at night? Say goodbye to that extra blanket or hot water bottle! A dog is a great way to stay warm while sleeping, as they are experts at fighting off chills. Dogs have layers of fur that each have a separate function to keep heat locked into place. So if you live in a cold climate or simply find your teeth chattering while you’re trying to get to sleep, your best bet is to go ahead and call Fido into bed to cuddle up with you. Both of you will feel cozier, warmer and more comforted when sleeping side-by-side.

Keep Your Blood Pressure Low

If you’re one of the many Americans suffering from hypertension, sleeping with a pet can make a big difference in your blood pressure levels. In fact, one study proved that simply petting a dog can significantly lower your BP over time and alleviate the symptoms of hypertension. And it’s also been found that people who own pets are almost 60% less likely to suffer from heart disease. Imagine if all of the estimated 78 million dogs in America were allowed to sleep in bed. We’d be a much healthier and happier country!

A Calming Influence

While there are quite a few dogs out there with high-energy personalities, every canine companion has one thing in common – just being around them helps to calm us down. With happy, carefree and lovable spirits, dogs are great at helping us to relax and unwind. Whether you’re playing fetch in the backyard, hiking through a local park, or simply hanging out on the couch, spending time with your pooch will help you to calm down and refocus on the important things in life, instead of spending needless time worrying. After a long day, take some time to lay down with your pup and give him some belly rubs or scratch his ears. You’ll soon feel your heartbeat slowing and your cares melting away. And sleeping with your dog each night means that you’re taking part in some unprescribed but highly effective canine therapy!

Furry Insomnia Fighter

For those of us that suffer regularly from insomnia, trying to get to sleep at night can seem like an exhausting battle. Many of us have even turned to medication or herbal remedies in an attempt to get some much-needed sleep but those can be ineffective and even unsafe in some cases. So what can you do to get better sleep, naturally? That’s right, just cuddle up with your pup. Sleeping with your dog can help you treat your insomnia by simply reducing your worries and concerns by having your furry best friend curl up in bed with you. No prescription required! Some folks swear by canine co-sleeping as a cure for sleep deprivation and even go so far as to say that the sound of their dog’s snores soothes them to sleep better than any white noise on the market.

Natural Anti-Depressant

We’ve already talked about how helpful dogs can be when it comes to lowering blood pressure, fighting off insomnia, and calming you down. But did you also know that pups can also work as powerful, fuzzy little anti-depressants? It’s true! Having a dog works so well at addressing depression, there are many doctors are even recommending pet therapy to their patients as an alternative to prescription medication. Having a pet adds structure to your days and creates routines that have to be followed. After all, if you don’t care for you pup, who will? For many people, the simple act of having to feed and walk their dog is enough to help them shake off the blues, knowing that their pet is depending upon them. All of that unconditional love and dependency upon you works wonders when it comes to helping you to stay calm and focused on what really matters, and spending nights with your pooch helps you to feel secure in knowing that there will always be someone there for you.

Four-Legged Security Guard

While not everyone is looking for a security dog when they get a pet, just knowing that your four-legged best friend will alert you to strange noises, possible intruders, or other emergencies can leave you feeling safer and more secure than you would when living without a dog. Sharing your bed with a dog helps to give you the reassurance that there is a comforting and protective presence within arm’s reach and you will rest easier knowing that your pup’s extraordinary hearing and keen nose will alert you to anything that you should be concerned about. You’ll be sleeping deeper and with less fear, thanks to your furry burglar alarm!

Say Good Night to Stress

We’ve already talked about how having a canine companion can help you lower your blood pressure and feel calmer than ever. But did you know that dogs have actually been scientifically proven to reduce stress and treat anxiety disorders? Sleeping with a dog has been shown to alleviate the symptoms of stress and anxiety by many medical professionals. They are natural sources of calming the frantic mind and can be the ideal anecdote to lying awake at night.

Bed Buddies for the Little Ones

And adults aren’t the only ones to enjoy the benefits of canine co-sleeping! Studies have shown that children that have a pet dog tend to be more compassionate, patient, and responsible than those that live in a pet-free home. Just a few of the other benefits of a childhood canine companion include:
  • Better resilience against allergies and asthma
  • Recovery from a traumatic childhood trauma
  • Improved separation anxiety symptoms
  • Increased self-esteem and self-worth
  • Reduced aggression and hyperactivity
  • Better learning and communication skills
And of course, your kiddos will be able to sleep better than ever before! With all of these benefits to cuddling up with your four-legged bestie, it’s no wonder that so many people are choosing to sleep with their dogs. Go ahead and break your “no dogs in bed” rule! Your dog (and your health) will be happier, trust us on this one.
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