Stay Healthy This Fall With These 6 Tips

Stay Healthy This Fall With These 6 Tips

The fall season is defined by crunching leaves, pumpkin carving, spooky movies and of course endless amounts of Halloween candy and Thanksgiving feasting. Storefronts everywhere introduce their pumpkin-spice flavored goodies, and Halloween candy packs are aplenty. At this time of year, it can be incredibly hard to fight the temptation to constantly indulge, especially when it feels like temptations are all around you. Healthy habits shift with the change in season: the change in temperature and weather conditions, as well as the change in the kinds of food we consume. It’s important to keep our bodies on track with the shifting of seasons. So if you’re looking to find your balance this fall, here are 6 simple ways to stay healthy throughout the season:

Healthy Eating Habits

As we all know, the fall season is FULL of ways to indulge, so make sure you keep your eating habits in check. With Halloween and Thanksgiving just around the corner, pay extra close attention to what you eat on a daily basis. There may be candy laying around, so try to be mindful of how much you consume. In terms of your daily diet, you can always find ways to incorporate fall flavors into your meals so you don’t feel like you’re missing out on the fall goodies! Find some healthy fall-inspired recipes, and incorporate flavors of apple, hazelnut, pear, chai or ginger into your meals to get the perfect taste of fall.

Healthy Sleeping Habits

A great deal of both your physical and mental health is reliant on your quality of sleep, so it’s crucial to keep your sleeping habits in check. The fall season means the October sleep slump, and an overall general adjustment to a new sleeping schedule. In order to achieve healthy sleep habits, make sure you have the best mattress and bedding. Once you have a premium bed and bedding, be sure to get yourself the highest quality pillows to properly support your neck. You want to ensure that you can get to sleep, and more importantly, stay asleep to conquer that October sleep slump!

Stay Warm

It’s always important to keep your body safe from the elements, so make sure you’re never walking around cold this season. Wherever you go bring a jacket or sweater of some kind, and layer up to ensure you’re equipped for any temperature. Stock up on fuzzy socks and blankets for lounging around the house, and to keep yourself warm at night be sure to have the perfect warm and cozy duvet for your bed.

Stay Hydrated

In the fall, as the temperatures are dropping the air soon becomes more and more dry. In order to combat this dryness, make sure you are keeping yourself extra hydrated. Our bodies need a certain level of water and hydration to stay properly functioning, and our hydration can deplete much quicker this time of year. Always bring a water bottle with you wherever you go, and try to drink roughly two-liters a day!

Get Your Vitamin D

As the days become shorter, we receive less sunlight, which means less vitamin D intake. Vitamin D is crucial to immune system function and calcium absorption, so to step-up your intake be sure to spend time outside in the sun when you can, or take vitamin D supplements to give you that extra boost.

Find a Healthy Balance & Treat Yourself

With everything in life, balance and moderation are of the utmost importance when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so never deprive yourself. Allow yourself to indulge a little in the Halloween candy and the big Thanksgiving feast that will be surrounding you. It’s important to go outside and exercise when you can, but don’t be afraid to take that needed nap or stay in and watch a movie on those colder days; it truly all comes down to balance. In the season of spooky frights, staying healthy doesn’t have to be scary. We promise that with these tips, staying healthy this fall will be as easy as (pumpkin) pie!
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