5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

Believe it or not, even though the holidays are well gone, the cold weather is here to stay. Winter is in full swing which means constantly finding ways to stay warm and brave unforgiving conditions both outside and at home. At this time of year, walking around in your home can feel just as cold as stepping outside. It can seem like an easy fix to crank up your heater to keep you toasty. However, although we all want to keep warm, it's important to think about how our daily practices affect the environment. Relying solely on an electric heater to provide your warmth in the house can prove to be environmentally unfriendly, and can greatly increase your carbon footprint. Although you may have relied on your heater in the past, we promise there are a number of ways to stay cozy and warm without the use of electricity. It is important to practice habits that help the well-being of our world. Plus, no use of heaters or extra electricity means less to pay on your electrical bill, so it’s basically a win-win! Doing so can actually be accomplished by making small changes. Here are some ways you can ditch the heater, and be ‘greener’ this winter:

Layer Up!

Who said layering was only for the outdoors? Layering clothes while inside will be sure to provide you with that needed warmth and insulation. Grab your long sleeve shirts, beanies, and jackets! You have your winter jackets and coats anyway, so why not wear them inside? You can layer shirts, and even pants to keep you extra bundled up. When layering, focus on the larger parts of your body (like your torso) and your extremities (head, hands and feet); keeping those areas of your body warm will keep the rest of your body temperature in check.

Hot Water Bottle

This one may be pretty old-school, but a hot water bottle can do wonders for your warmth in bed, or wherever you find yourself wrapped up in a blanket. A hot water bottle is generally inexpensive to purchase, and is a great eco-friendly substitute to an electrically powered heater.

Duvet and Sheets

For the cold winter nights, having a high-quality duvet is seriously key. The perfect duvet will be sure to keep you warm while still allowing your body to breathe, and not be suffocated to the point of sweating. The duvet doesn’t have to stay on your bed either, bring it on the couch when you’re watching a movie or when you’re just needing that extra comfort. With the right duvet, you’ll also want to have the right sheet set. Having high-quality sheets will add another layer of warmth and comfort: no electricity needed!


To keep your frozen toes warm, socks are a super easy fix. You can throw on a pair to keep your feet extra toasty in bed, or wear them around the house to keep your feet safe from cold floors. Feet are an extremity, so keeping them warm will help with keeping the rest of your body warm too.


Perhaps one of the best ways to keep yourself safe from the winter cold is to fully insulate your space, and close it off from the outside world. First and foremost, all windows should be kept tightly shut, and have heavy curtains hanging from them to obstruct any possible wind. To create extra insulation, use any form of padding to close up open cracks either below or along the sides of doors. Doing this will keep all of the heat trapped in your desired space. The winter season garners some of the highest usage of electricity within households year-round. With these tips you can keep yourself from contributing to this, and do your small part to have a positive effect on the environment. This winter, you’ll be warm AND environmentally conscious!
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