How To Have the Most Comfortable Super Bowl Sunday Ever

How To Have the Most Comfortable Super Bowl Sunday Ever

Grab your jersey, snacks and friends because the game day of all game days is just around the corner! That’s right, we’re talking about one of the biggest sporting events of the year: the legendary Super Bowl. This year marks the 54th Super Bowl, with the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs going head to head. Super Bowl Sunday is practically a national holiday, with millions of viewers across the country tuning in to watch, and hundreds of thousands of people attending the event itself. Above everything else, the Super Bowl means three things: football, food and spending. The Super Bowl has become the second biggest day of food consumption in the United States (following Thanksgiving) and to attend the event itself is costly (some of the least expensive tickets range from 2-3 thousand per person). With the rivalries and the stakes so high, roughly $115 million is spent in bets each year. If you’re not looking to get in on the crazy spending this year, Lull is giving you the opportunity to save money with our Sunday Super Sale! For a limited time, Lull is offering $150 off any mattress, and if you purchase the bedding bundle you’ll get an additional $125 off! Save a total of $275, and as always: free shipping right to your door. Super Bowl Sunday is the perfect time to stock up on all of your bedding needs with Lull. Now you may be thinking, “what does Lull have to do with the Super Bowl?” Well, along with our huge sale, there are plenty of ways that Lull can make your game day a total win:

Needed Pre-Game Shuteye

Before a day as big as Super Bowl Sunday, you’ll need a good night’s rest. The last thing you want is to be tired and drowsy while trying to cheer on your team. Lull’s 3 layers of premium memory foam are carefully crafted to perfectly cradle and support your body while allowing proper heat distribution and airflow. Sleeping on a Lull Mattress will ensure you have the best night’s sleep possible.

Have the Comfiest Seat (Bed) in the House!

We binge tv-shows from our beds all the time, so why not enjoy the Super Bowl from the comfort of your Lull? One thing is for sure: you’ll have the most comfortable seat in the house. Worried about getting your mattress stained with all of the wings you plan on eating? You can still indulge in all of your favorite game-day snacks with Lull’s Mattress Protector. The Lull Mattress Protector is entirely waterproof and stain proof, which means there's no risk when enjoying game days from the comfort of your bed.

Live in a colder climate? Stay warm with Lull’s duvet!

Since it’s still the winter season, if you typically spend your game day in a cold climate, bundle up with Lull’s Duvet! Made with premium cotton and micro-fibers, Lull’s Duvet will keep you cozy and warm, while preventing you from overheating. Share the warmth with your friends; you’ll be sure to achieve ultimate comfort levels while watching your team score!

Post-game Nap

Super Bowl Sunday is an all-day event, and it sure takes a lot out of you. After a day of cheering, or maybe booing, you’ll likely need to take a nice, long nap. What better way to wind down than by relaxing on your Lull and getting the sleep of your dreams? Has your neck has been hurting from being at the edge of your seat the whole game? Luckily, Lull’s Pillows perfectly cater to your head and neck to relieve any tension or pain. Make the most of your Super Bowl Sunday by being the most comfortable you possibly can! With Lull, you’ll be sure to feel your best before, during and after the game.
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