A Lull for the Nulls

Austin and Brittany Null are a fun-loving Kansas City couple that love sharing their lives with daughter, Audriauna and son, Kailand on their YouTube channel, The Nive Nulls. In this video, they talk about an upcoming surprise visit from Austin’s parents, and how their guest room needs an upgrade in the mattress department. Brittany admits that the mattress in there is the same one that she used back in college. Instead of going out and hunting for a new mattress, the couple had a Lull mattress delivered to their door in a box the size of a mini-fridge, and although Brittany is unsure of how the whole process is possible, Austin assures her that he’s going to show their viewers “how legit it is,” and unboxes their new Lull mattress as she video tapes the process. Austin consults the included setup guide briefly, and then unwraps the mattress and cuts away the plastic covering. Immediately, the couple can see the mattress expand, and they marvel at how it goes from a being a compressed roll to a full-sized mattress in seconds. “It’s like magic!” Brittany gives the mattress a feel, and then jumps onto the bed to give it a full test run. Austin joins her, and they’re both impressed by how soft and supportive it is, and how it helps to regulate body temperature with its heat distributing layers. Brittany complains that she’s always hot when she sleeps, and now she’s wishing that it was their new mattress. After laying on the mattress for a bit, they joke about how it’s so comfortable that they probably won’t see his parents for their entire visit – they’ll be too busy enjoying the new mattress. Austin says they’ll tell them, “Oh, we’re just sleeping today. See you later,” and Brittany laughs and agrees. Thanks to Austin and Brittany for sharing their video with us!
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