6 Ways to Have the Ultimate Presidents' Day Weekend

6 Ways to Have the Ultimate Presidents' Day Weekend

Much like finding a diamond in the rough, 3-day weekends are rare and certainly glorious. Occurring only a few times throughout the year, 3-day weekends are a time for celebration, relaxation, but most importantly they are the perfect time to be completely and entirely lazy. The upcoming long weekend is Presidents' Day, which is the perfect excuse to stay in bed all weekend long. That one extra day added to your weekend can mean endless lazy opportunities. You have a shorter week ahead of you, and another morning of sleeping in, and incredible Presidents' Day Sales — what isn’t there to love? 3 day weekends are commonly used for re-energizing or for fun activities, but truly the most successful long weekends are about putting in as little effort into what you’re doing as possible and being as unproductive as you can. This President's Day weekend, sleep like a boss. Everyone can use a bit of nothingness every once in a while. So kick up your feet and throw on your favorite pair of sweatpants, because we have a list of six ways to have the ultimate Presidents' Day weekend:

Sleep, Sleep and Sleep Some More

With all of that extra time on your hands, you might as well sleep, and then maybe sleep some more. With all the precious free time you will have, surely whatever sleep you’ll be getting you’ll want it to be of the highest quality. In order to get your best night's rest, you will need a premium mattress that can properly support your body (and provide even heat distribution), premium pillows that will perfectly cradle your head and neck, as well as the coziest duvet and the silkiest sheets. Everyone could use some extra z’s they missed out on during the week, so go ahead and spend your weekend fast asleep!

Online Shopping Spree

Need an excuse to stay in bed this President's Day weekend? You won't want to sleep on Lull's exclusive deal, just for you. For a limited time, get $150 off the mattress of your dreams. But wait, it gets even better: get an additional $125 off any bedding bundle-- a total of $275 in savings! What’s better than online shopping from home? Treat yourself to something nice in the laziest way possible: without even leaving your bed. This President's Day, it's time to sleep like you're on top of the world.

Pamper Yourself

If you haven’t yet taken the time to treat yourself, now is definitely the time to do so. You can either get a massage, a facial or maybe practice some peaceful meditation. Whether you pamper yourself at home or with a professional, just make sure that in the true spirit of laziness you don’t do anything that requires too much effort. So if setting up an entire home spa includes hours of work, just skip all that hassle and just buy some pre-made sheet masks-- you’ll still get that much-needed pampering with minimal effort.

Unplug From All Distractions

You don’t want your Presidents' Day weekend to be interrupted by responsibilities. Be sure to sign out of all work emails and put your phone on do not disturb, because this is your time to relax and unwind. The last thing you need is any stress that can be dealt with during the week.

Do Some Prep Before-hand

Although many of us would love to be lazy all of the time, we still have responsibilities and work to attend to. To ensure your whole weekend is open, try to do some extra prepping during the week to ensure your to-do list doesn't follow you into the weekend. You can finish up any last details for projects you are working on, or answer any leftover emails, whatever it is to be sure you have your time for yourself.

Invite Some Friends Over

What better way to be lazy all weekend long than to do so with some great company! Throw on some music, order some delivery, but just make sure it’s BYOB (bring your own blanket, obviously) so you’re not having to put any effort into the setup. As far as cleaning up… well you can worry about that once it’s Tuesday! To really feel like you’ve made the most out of your President's Day weekend, you’ll want to stay in bed and sleep like a boss. Give yourself the break you deserve, and indulge in your lazy desires. With this guide, you’re ready for a marathon of laziness.
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