How to Have the Ultimate Self-Care Day

How to Have the Ultimate Self-Care Day

In times like these, "self-care" has been a popular phrase we've all surely seen and heard amongst social media, friends and family. Now, more than ever, it's important to practice self-care. But what actually is self-care? Practicing self-care doesn't just mean putting on a skincare face mask every now and then, there’s a lot more you can do. At its core, self-care is about taking time for yourself. It’s about taking care of your well-being and doing things that make you feel happy and healthier, with the goal of putting yourself in an overall better headspace. With how much we overwork and overstress ourselves on a daily basis, taking a day to relax and focus on our physical and mental health is extremely important. We all need a break every now and then. Not all of us are self-care experts, and while you may understand the concept behind self-care, you may not exactly know where to start. This is where we come in! With everything else you have on your plate every day, we wanted to save you from any added stress of finding ways to practice self-care. So if you’ve been meaning to prioritize your self-care, here are 5 ways to have the ultimate self-care day:

Clear Your Schedule

First things first, if you’re planning a self-care day, be sure to clear your schedule because this day is all about time for yourself. As hard as it may seem to clear everything off your schedule, the only way to have a successful self-care day is to be rid of your responsibilities. So go ahead and clear your schedule, we promise you can get back to those responsibilities soon.

Remember to Relax

After you've cleared your schedule, resist the urge to catch up on missed tasks or errands. This is your time to unwind, so remember to relax and truly slow down. You can start off by drawing a hot bath, lighting some candles, making hot tea or doing some peaceful stretching. Start your self-care day with any activity that will allow you to relax and take a step back from your regular day-to-day tasks.

Self-Care Is About You, and Only You

When practicing self-care, remember that this is a time to treat yourself! This could mean staying in bed all day, buying yourself something nice online, ordering in food, going on a hike, making a new recipe, etc. Whatever activity it may be, be sure it’s how you want to truly spend your time. It's important to only engage in activities that are centered around you and your preferences.

Remember to Be Getting Good Sleep

What you may not know is that taking care of yourself also includes getting enough quality sleep on a regular basis. While improving your sleep is not something you can accomplish in one self-care dedicated day, you should make an effort to keep yourself on track with a healthy sleep schedule. Getting good sleep improves your overall health and boosts your happiness. If you've been struggling to get enough restful sleep, you may be in need of a new premium mattress that provides the proper comfort and support your body deserves. Perhaps treat yourself to new bedding as part of your self-care day in order to start sleeping better and feeling great.

Learn to Say No

We know it’s hard to say no to others, especially when they’re friends or family and you may feel somewhat obligated to say yes. Although it’s always great to spend time with other people, remember that it’s okay to say no if you need that time for yourself, or if you simply cannot commit to what’s being asked of you. Saying no is okay, and is sometimes necessary to take proper care of yourself. While you might dedicate only one day to some proper self-care, know that taking care of yourself should be a part of your daily routine. Be mindful of your lifestyle choices, and always think of what’s best for you. It's never selfish to practice self-care!
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