How to Have The Ultimate Virtual Super Bowl Party

How to Have The Ultimate Virtual Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl parties are known for being loud, rambunctious, and laden with comforting, irresistible food such as chicken wings with ranch dip. They typically come in the form of huddling together in a living room, thus making it a good idea to take things virtual this year. Here are 6 ways you can cheer on your favorite team with your football-loving crew while keeping a safe distance:

1. Make some football-themed treats and drop them off.

You can still enjoy shared dishes without multiple hands touching the same plate. Add some visual flair to your Super Bowl grub by making some football-themed cookies, cupcakes, and more. Then offer to share some with the other attendees and drop them off where they live.

2. Enjoy the commercials together.

The fun on the screen isn’t just from the game, but the Super Bowl-themed commercials between it. Laugh and react to them together like you would to funny YouTube reaction videos. Have someone keep track of the ads and vote on your favorite at the end.

3. Dance to the Halftime show.

The halftime show usually consists of an entertaining dance performance that definitely gets a lot of reactions along the lines of “wow, I wish I could do that”. While breaking out the dance moves might be a little too intimidating for an in-person party, doing it virtually might take off the weight of any awkwardness that arises. This time, you’ve got the option to go off camera should you opt for a try at the more difficult, potentially embarrassment-inducing moves.

4. Decorate!

If you’ve got a sizable household to watch it with, decorate the home to set the mood. No need to splurge for a smaller party, so check out local bargain or dollar stores for decor. If you’re connecting with others over video chat, decorate what’s visible on screen or use a Zoom background!

5. Wear some themed clothing.

Dressing up always helps you and your party attendees get into the Super Bowl spirit! No need to go all out -- just wearing a festive T-shirt can make a difference.

6. Get a good night’s sleep the night before.

One of the benefits of getting a high quality 8hours of sleep you can immediately feel the day after is increased energy and focus, which will help give you the spunk to cheer loudly for your favorite team and predict how the game will go. The more energy you have, the more lively the whole party is for everyone else. So make sure you go to bed on time the night before! If you need a little extra incentive to head to bed, try getting a new mattress and pillows. If you’d like to upgrade ot the highest quality memory foam, check out Lull’s Sunday Super Sale and get $250 off any premium memory foam mattress for some pre-game recharging! With no-contact free delivery, you can count on Lull to watch out for your health and happiness so you can focus on celebrating when your favorite team wins.
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