7 Ways to Enjoy a 3 Day Weekend: 2021 Edition

7 Ways to Enjoy a 3 Day Weekend: 2021 Edition

What’s not to love about a three-day weekend? One of the best feelings ever is realizing that your Sunday night isn’t going to be followed by an early rise to go to work on Monday. “I don’t have to go to bed at 10 pm tonight, tomorrow’s a holiday!” While most three-day weekends have been celebrated with crowded parties and travel plans, 2021’s Presidents Day Weekend generally will look quieter. However, long weekends still serve many of us a much-needed break from our working lives, which is why we believe in seizing the moment and taking advantage of the extra hours. Here are our top 7 tips for making the most out of a three-day weekend in 2021:

1. Skill up.

While you’re not going to learn an entirely new instrument from scratch, you can learn a new song on any instrument you already do play. Learn a new style of dance or teach your roommates how to dance to a song that you’ve got the choreography down to. If you’re learning a new language, venture off your course and learn some interesting everyday phrases, such as colloquial terms and jokes.

2. Take a personal spa day.

If spas still aren’t open where you live, you can DIY one at home. Buy some bath salts, essential oils, high-quality face masks, or bath bombs. Disconnect from the world. Don’t open social media, work emails -- set that phone on “do not disturb”. Your body is a temple, and now it’s time to pay some overdue respects and maybe conduct a worship ceremony. No outsiders allowed.

3. Clean up.

Cleaning up could refer to multiple facets of your life. You could take some time to finally do the dishes that have been piling up or purge your closet of clothes you no longer would like to wear. A less cluttered environment can have subtle positive effects on your behavior, so think of cleaning as a long-term investment. It’ll especially pay off if you’re working from home.

4. Have a little staycation.

A different destination could give you the change of scenery you’ve been needing. See if there’s a safely open attraction nearby that could use a visit. Maybe a walk in the park or even a strenuous hike could do you some good.

5. Spend some quality time with loved ones.

Have you been working so much that your friends and family haven’t heard from you? Think about who’s been asking you to spend more time with them. See if you can schedule a socially distanced hike or even a Zoom call. We’re still sailing tough times in different boats, so it’s nice to link up for a bit to catch up every once in a while.

6. Prep beforehand.

Whichever of the aforementioned you choose, see if there’s any way you can prepare for it beforehand so there’s no need to spend precious holiday minutes on it. Buy the hiking shoes you’ll need, reserve any tickets ahead of time, and figure out where and how you’ll be learning your new skills.

7. Get an extra good night’s sleep to get in the habit of many more good sleeps to come.

As said, one of the best feelings ever is “oh wait, I don’t have to sleep right now, tomorrow’s a holiday and I don’t need to wake up at 7 am!” Even if this is true, try to not stay up until 4 am even if you’re technically allowed to. Getting an adequate amount of sleep on Sunday night and waking up to a more refreshed, well-rested Monday -- if you’ve got no plans to immediately attend to -- should show you the value of getting enough high-quality sleep. For an extra incentive to go to sleep in time, upgrade to a premium memory foam Lull Mattress and cozy bedding to snuggle up with. The plush material and the cooling gel technology of Lull’s memory foam will overcome all desire to stay awake for even another 20 minutes. If you’re reading this in February 2021, you’re in luck! Take advantage of our limited-time Presidents Day Sale: get a $250 off discount on a mattress that is guaranteed to give you a satisfying amount of zzzzs not just for this weekend, but for many years to come.
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